Chapter Sixteen part oneMature

Chapter Sixteen

Zoe pushed her fringe out of the way for the hundredth time as she pulled things from the current box she was working on. She'd lost track of how much stuff she'd unpacked and carried so far today. She also found herself wanting to book into an actual hotel room and have a actual bath. Showers were good, but she missed being able to relaxing.
“After this Greg needs help in the bar tent,” a guy whose name Zoe couldn't recall said. She huffed and nodded. She finished pulling everything out and stood up to stretch. She left the tent she'd been in and realised the clouds were actually clearing a little. She wandered to the other tent and walked into an empty place.
“Hello?” she asked, taking another half step forward. She heard a crash from behind the counter.

“Here! Sorry, ow,” A male voice said and she realised he must've been working behind the bar. Based on the way he was rubbing the back of his head Zoe must've startled him.
“Are you okay?” she asked. He waved a dismissive hand and stood up.
“I'm good, are you the new helper Francis sent over?” he asked. Zoe took a few seconds to remember that had been the other guys name.
“Yes, does that mean you're Greg?” she asked.
“Yup. Follow me to the back, we need to get this place set up for tonight. Which means we needs the fairy lights and stage sorted and all the drinks unpacked. The tables, get the idea,” Greg explained. Zoe nodded and followed him to a part of the tent that was hidden from her view last time.
“More boxes,” she sighed. Greg laughed and pulled one open.
“There should be a step-ladder somewhere, and a power supply,” he explained. Giving vague directions with his hand. Zoe wandered round the clutter and eventually found both, though one had to be unburied from beneath boxes.

“So, looks like you and your brother are settled in,” Greg asked.
“I guess,” Zoe shrugged. She held out a hand for the next section of fairy lights to weave through the ties of rope on the ceiling of the tent and continued working.
“Though, Glenn made friends with Petra, which personally I don't think was clever,” Greg said, handing more over. Zoe raised an eyebrow at him from the top of the stepladder.
“Why?” she asked, recognising the name somewhere in the back of her mind, but unable to locate its actual source. Greg laughed before he realised she really didn't know.
“Well, there are some stories surrounding her past, she's been around a while. Everyone knows she hates Caric, yet she chooses to stay here. And, well...I just think she always has her own agenda. I don't want your brother getting used is all,” Greg explained and Zoe suppressed a laugh as she realised what was bothering him.

“Glenn's gay. So it's doubtful he'll fall for her,” Zoe said. Greg shook his head.
“I didn't mean that. Though not falling for her can only be a good thing. I've tried getting close to her to figure out her game but she's too smart for that sort of stuff,” Greg explained. And Zoe thought college was full of gossips and sneaks. Zoe demounted from the step ladder and looked around while she thought. Glenn wouldn't do anything dumb. Not unless he was desperate for something. Then she remembered the way he looked slightly distressed when she told him she was okay. She put it down to his own adjustment issues. But if he's working with this Petra person to get them both away from here then...well how would he do it?
“Is there anything around here that's dangerous. I mean to Caric, not us,” Zoe asked.
“The lycans, duh,” Greg said. Zoe sent him a mini glare for the last part before turning to leave.
“Where are you going?” Greg yelled after her.

The End

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