Chapter Fifteen part twoMature

“Well, if hauntings are your thing there's always the abandoned Victorian manor by the north edge of town. The place is overgrown and falling apart but a lot of those who have lived here their whole lives will tell swear that it's haunted,” the man explained. Glenn gave his thanks and the two walked ahead. He turned round to see Petra who looked a little, if not a lot, uncomfortable.
“So, does human intuition still suck?” Glenn asked. She groaned and rolled her eyes, before walking.

“Stop trying to stroke your pride and walk,” Petra snapped. Someone didn't like being proved wrong apparently. Glenn held back a retort and followed. Just enjoying the fact he had one-upped her. They followed the given directions and quickly found themselves wandering down an empty street with a crumbling stone wall overgrown with moss. They walked, following the wall until they came across a tall, rust-crusted gate. Behind was a huge lawn full of long grass, ancient garden furniture with intricate metal curls decorating the chairs were imprisoned in the roots. Petra approached the gate and a sharp gust of wind broke the chain and lock with a sharp snapping sound. Glenn followed with a lot of apprehension, trying not to breathe too deeply as the smell of decay and rot filled his nose. He wandered what the cause was when he saw something rotting away behind a hedge.
“Please tell me that's an animal,” he whispered. Petra glanced from it to him.
“It's a deer from the forest most likely,” she murmured. Glenn turned away and chose to believe what he hoped wasn't a lie. He walked and realised that under the tall grass and thorns there was gravel crunching underneath.

“So, think this place is abandoned enough?” Glenn asked, hoping sarcasm would calm his heart rate down some. Petra didn't reply and instead approached the huge oak doors.
“This wood should be more rooted. Which means someone is maintaining some things around here,” Petra said, her eyes moving to study the windows. If she saw movement she didn't let it on to Glenn.
“Let's go,” Petra said, reaching for the door handle and pulling it open with more strength than Glenn knew she had. It was only when the calming wind ruffled his hair that he realised her strength was a gimmick of sorts. She merely manipulated the wind in such a way that it aided her. Which didn't mean he expected to ever beat her in a fair fight.
“Err, how about I wait out here?” Glenn suggested with a nervous laugh. Petra turned back to roll her eyes at him.

“And for a moment I thought you were better than the average human,” she muttered, then walked inside. Her form quickly engulfed by the darkness within. Glenn hesitated, clenching his fists. With a few choice curse words he ran a hand through his hair.
“Fine,” he whispered and followed suit. He walked in and ran into Petra's back.
“Don't walk so loudly, clumsy human,” she muttered, shoving him back a few steps. Glenn held up both hands in surrender though whether Petra saw the motion he couldn't say. It took a while for Glenn's eyes to adjust and for him to see there were in a huge foyer of some kind.
“Follow me,” Petra whispered. Glenn wasn't about to argue. But it was hard to match her silent movements when nearly every other floorboard seemed intent on creaking under his weight.

“You should've stayed outside,” Petra whispered angrily. Glenn decided not to apologise. He doubted his attempts at being quite vocally would match Petra's. After moving through corridor they came to a staircase. Petra started to make her way up it and quickly turned round when Glenn moved to follow.
“You stay here, up there will be too dangerous,” Petra commanded.
“And where am I meant to hide out?” Glenn asked. Because standing alone in a corridor didn't feel like an especially safe idea. Petra looked around and walked further up the corridor. She opened a small door under the staircase and pointed inside.
“You have to be kidding me,” Glenn said. Petra sent him one hell of a glare and quickly closed the distance between them.
“What are you-” Glenn's words were cut off as Petra grabbed his ear and dragged him to the door. Glenn suppressed the urge to yell ow multiple times as she practically threw him inside.

“If you come with me the lycans will rip you to shreds. So stay here and shut up,” Petra muttered, her eyes glowing white in the darkness slightly. Glenn held back a gulp and nodded. Petra shut the door and he heard her steps as she walked upstairs. Feeling dust fall down as she moved directly over him.
“I hope there aren't spiders in here,” Glenn whispered as he curled into a ball. Knowing there was no way he was going to get comfortable in the cramped and light-less space.

The End

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