Chapter Fifteen part oneMature

Chapter Fifteen

Glenn explored the area, occasionally being asked to take this or that to somewhere else. He was starting to match peoples names and faces, though he had yet to know what they all really were. It was whilst he was wondering that he felt a strong breeze whip through his hair. He shivered and turned to see Petra standing behind him.
“You ready for this?” she asked, Glenn nodded. Ignoring the knot of anxiety starting to form in his stomach. He was starting to question how smart an idea this was. How could he be sure they'd get Zoe out before the lycans attacked? And what about Wendy? He'd never countered her into this originally because he was so sure she'd chose to go home. Now she'd chosen to fall for that strange guy Leon instead.

“Stop thinking. Humans tend to make silly mistakes when they do that,” Petra murmured as they started walking, leaving the carnival site behind and heading into the town.
“Can we trust them to leave me and Zoe alone? Even though we know all we do?” Glenn asked and Petra stopped in her tracks.
“Honestly, no. But as long as you both have some physical contact with me. They won't be able to see you,” Petra explained. He knew this, it was a part of the plan they'd gone over more than once.
“And if we can get that other human girl to come along at the time. I'll protect her too. If she chooses to stay with the mind-reader then so be it. Her choice. You have followed my advice to avoid him, right?” she checked for the umpteenth time. Glenn resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Knowing Petra would not respond too well to such an action and nodded.
“Good, then let's track them down. Shouldn't be too difficult. Just need to ask round for the rowdy bunch that smell,” Petra said with a laugh. Glenn added an awkward one to it, but didn't really feel the humour as he followed her.He kept silent as she asked locals, pretending to be an old friend wanting to catch up while she was in town. Pretty much no one had anything to say.

“You know, this plan only works if we actually find the lycans,” Glenn finally said as another person walked off with an apologetic shake of the head. Petra released a angry sigh and Glenn could feel the wind picking up a little.
“They must be hiding away then. Somewhere abandoned with a forest of some sort nearby,” Petra deduced and Glenn wondered just how much of this she was making up as she went.
“So asked if there are any places people think are haunted,” Glenn suggested and Petra sent him a raised eyebrow. The “what?” just waiting to be said.
“I just figure turning involves a lot of odd, slightly scary sounds that most would explain away as a haunting. Kids would get dared to go in there but never actually do it. And people would generally avoid the place. That sort of thing. Just ask,” Glenn explained, getting a little annoyed at her dubious expression.

“Fine. I'll waste time and go with human intuition,” Petra muttered. Glenn glowered a little at her back as they walked. For someone so intent on helping them, she really didn't have a high opinion of humans. When they found the first person her wording completely failed and the person just walked off.
“Okay, I'll take over now,” Glenn said, pushing her aside before she could speak to the couple approaching.
“Hey,” he began, getting their attentions quickly.
“Sorry, we're visiting and were wondering there were any interesting places to check out. My friends was hoping to get on one of those haunted tours in the city but wasn't able too. So just trying to pass time,” Glenn said. Hoping he didn't appear too nervous.

The End

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