Chapter Fourteen part twoMature

“You didn't mention she was wounded and dying last time,” Mira said, sucking in a breath.
“I didn't think it was important. It's just a dream afterall,” Zoe replied. She watched as Mira shook her head slowly.
“No, it has meaning, I just don't know what that meaning is. So she was bitten by a vampire? Maybe we can see if her death is real with some research into recent cult deaths,” Mira rambled.
“She wasn't bitten. She had a deep wound in her side. I don't know what caused it. The guy wanted to drink her blood but he didn't. He...he broke her neck to make sure she was dead,” Zoe explained. Swallowing down bile at the last part.
“That is unusual...but it could be possible someone picked up on the fact that she was already dead when her neck was broken. I'll still have Caric get someone to research this. Don't worry about it anymore,” Mira said, standing up and heading for the door.
“How can you say that? I'll see this every night,” Zoe whispered. She saw Mira stop in her tracks before turning to watch her with concern.

“Keep telling yourself it's just a dream,” Mira said, then left. Zoe could only mentally call her a hypocrite as she stood up to get ready. Seeing the new bundle of jeans, t-shirts and jumpers that Elrik had made. That guy could work in record time. Maybe he had a helper tucked away somewhere. Once she had dressed she tried to make her hair have some semblance of order. She dropped the hairbrush on her bed-side table and brushed the thin curtains aside to see the rain drizzling. Hopefully it wouldn't turn heavy like it had yesterday. Eventually she sighed at the mirror and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Wondering how it was possible to gain bags darker than the ones she'd originally had.
Zoe walked outside to find people setting up around her. She quickly spotted a back she recognised and closed the distance between them quickly. Rowan turned to face her before she could reach out and tap his shoulder. Leaving Zoe stood there with her hand outstretch feeling a little dumb.

“Hey,” he said. Apparently he was opting for the act like I'm clueless so she won't attack me option, Zoe thought with a frown.
“Need help?” Zoe finally offered. Taking in all the tent equipment that had yet to set put up.
“You're too much of a newbie to look at those,” he said, raising an eyebrow at the tent poles. He passed her a box that had looked a lot lighter when he was holding it. He spun her round so suddenly she let out a slightly embarrassing squeak. She found herself facing another group of people.
“Take that over to them and help set up the stall,” Rowan said.
“But I don't know-” Zoe began.
“And you never will unless you start talking to people,” Rowan interrupted. Zoe was starting to find that trait of his annoying.
“Fine. Bully,” she muttered. She hefted the box to make sure it was stable and headed across. Aware that the strangers at the stall were studying her as she neared.

The End

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