Chapter Fourteen part oneMature

Chapter Fourteen

It was happening again. Zoe was watching the women struggle with her last breaths. She wished she could help as she saw her crumple and fall but there was nothing. Zoe leant down next to her quivering form that stared so hopefully at the stars and wondered what she was thinking. Her blood slowly stained the pure white snow. Zoe waited to wake up, this was always the most the dream showed, then she heard laughter. She jumped back even though she knew no one could see her. The man had the coldest steel grey eyes she'd ever seen. His nostrils flared at the sight of her blood and Zoe could see fangs growing. But instead of biting her he spat and turned. He pulled out a phone and called someone.
“Send the clean up crew, this ones been taken care of.” He then turned to look at the girl and sigh.
“If only you never went searching...we may have never tracked you down,” he said, though there was little concern or sadness touching his voice. He reached out and Zoe flinched at the dreadful sound. He sharply snapped her neck, ensuring her death.

Glenn was already in her doorway when Zoe woke up. She shrugged off the covers and shivered violently as the cold air assaulted her heated, damp skin.
“Are you okay?” Glenn asked and Zoe suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. Instead going for an honest and sudden shake of the head. Wrapping her arms round herself tightly. Glenn quickly closed the space between them and wrapped her in his arms, hoping to chase away the cold.
“Was the same as before? What you told Mira and Caric?” Glenn asked. Zoe remembered the man's eyes. How detached and terrifyingly cruel they were. Even Jarred couldn't match up to the guy.

“No,” Zoe replied with a shaky breath of air. She turned to meet Glenn's eyes, aware that hers had to be shiny still. They both looked up at the sound of movement outside.
“I overheard noises,” Mira murmured from the small corridor. Zoe nodded and Mira entered the room slowly.
“It wasn't the same as before,” Zoe answered Mira's unspoken question. Mira's expression became concentrated as she searched for an explanation.
“Caric said things might develop more due to being around our kind,” Mira said with a shrug. Zoe couldn't recall being told that, but then she was used to being left in the dark by now.
“Are we in the new place yet?” Glenn asked.

“Yeah, we stopped a while ago. Welcome to Cambridgeshire,” Mira said with a smile. Zoe appreciated the distraction, but she couldn't feel it working. Glenn stood and stretched.
“Well, then. Guess I better shower and check out the new town,” Glenn said.
“You going to be okay?” he asked Zoe. She hesitated before giving a fierce nod. No reason she should prevent Glenn enjoying himself. Once he left Mira took his place next to Zoe.
“Do you want to tell me what changed?” Mira asked and Zoe released a shaky breath. Because honestly, no she didn't. But she knew she could trust Mira.
“I saw her walking. Then her falling. That's where the story ends. But this time I saw a man...a vampire I think. It must've been him who'd attacked her. He called someone and then ensured she was dead,” Zoe explained, her body quivering from the memory.

The End

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