Chapter Thirteen part twoMature

“So, how you holding up?” Glenn asked and Zoe shrugged.
“Things could be worse,” she said with a smile. Which told Glenn that Zoe was starting to accept this, which more than bothered him. Because as far as he was concerned, there was nothing okay with any of this. Mira may be nice enough and she may genuinely care for both him and Zoe's safety. But at the end of the day they were trapped here. But Petra had told him they'd start heading off this evening. So not long now till they're plan was in motion.
“I'm good too!” Mira jumped in, making Zoe laugh. Even Glenn found her sluggish, drunken voice amusing. A phone went off and Mira glanced at the lit screen of her mobile. She let out a low sigh and picked up the phone. Her voice very sober.
“Yes?” she asked. She listened for a few seconds before hanging up.
“Get you're muddy shoes back on. We're heading over to Caric's caravan,” Mira explained as she pulled on a coat that had been thrown haphazardly onto the sofa.

Glenn sat down on the sofa opposite Caric, Zoe sat next to him. Though she leaned further back, not that Glenn could blame her entirely. Mira sat next to Caric whose eyes moved a few inches south of her face. If Mira minded she didn't show it as she waited impatiently for him to speak.
“Well, you two know why you're here. So try and do something,” Caric finally said. Glenn felt Zoe's annoyance and wondered once again if that was something he should mention.
“And how do we do that?” Zoe asked. Caric's face distorted a little and he glanced at Mira who shrugged. Zoe let out a tired laugh.
“For some guy who thinks he's so smart and in-control. You have no clue,” she said. With that she stood up and left. Caric could've shouted after her but Glenn could feel her determination to not be Caric's willing test subject.
“She has a point. You kidnapped us. Either figure out what to do, or let us go home,” Glenn said. Which earnt him a rather dark glower. Glenn didn't exactly feel fussed by it, he knew most of it was aimed at Zoe.

“I figured that by this point something would've started. There are two different kinds of gifted humans afterall. The ones who have always had an ability, though usually it starts off weak and grows as they do. And the second where they ability show up as a result of being around other supernatural beings or gifted humans. Zoe doesn't seem to be spending much time with different people. You on the other hand, have been. So I'll ask again if there's anything worth mentioning.” Caric finished his rant and studied Glenn closely enough that he knew he wouldn't pull off lying.
“Zoe's dreams are recent. But there's...something that's always been around for me. Though after the dreams, it became stronger,” Glenn started, unsure of what to actually call their strange one-way bond.
“Hmm,” Caric pushed. Both he and Mira had leant forward and were watching him intently. It was actually very off-putting and made thinking difficult.
“I don't know what it's called-”

“Then describe it, boy,” Caric butted in, making Glenn glare at him momentarily before he resuming his speech.
“But I have always been able to sense when Zoe is feeling a strong emotion. When she was scared by Jarred. When she gets mad at Rowan. When she was frightened by the dream, I would just know it. I wouldn't know the reasons, but I would sense the emotion she felt. Like a psychic twin bond. Except it doesn't work both ways,” Glenn finished and waited for their reactions.
“Well,” Caric drawled, standing up and stretching. “That proved to be a pointless piece of information,” he finished, walking off. Mira released a aggravated sigh and stood up. She grabbed Caric arms and swung him round. Glenn assumed he let her do that, afterall being a super old vampire had to have some advantages strength-wise.
“Nothing is pointless. Who's to say he can't develop more psychic abilities?” she said, her green eyes blazing with an abnormal light.
“Who's to say it isn't just your stereotypical twin thing and that these two prove unhelpful?” Caric responded before pulling his arm back and stalking off somewhere. Mira watched his back before turning to face Glenn.

“Let's head back. I was kidding earlier, you can bunk with us. But you'll have to deal with the sofa bed,” Mira said, holding out a hand. Glenn didn't take it to help stand up, but accepted her offer all the same. He needed to keep an eye on Zoe.

The End

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