Chapter Thirteen part oneMature

Chapter Thirteen

“Stand still,” Elrik said as he measured Glenn's waist. To say Glenn was uncomfortable with the situation would be something of an understatement as he fidget at every opportunity.
“Do you want new cloths? Or does annoying me make you feel better?” Elrik finally said, looking up to face him. Glenn gave a short laugh.
“Don't think too big of yourself there. I'm just not good with the still part,” Glenn replied.
“What are you? ADHD?” Elrik asked with a raised eyebrow.
“No clue, my mother didn't go out of her way to pay attention to me or Zoe. So why would she think to get us tested for things?” Glenn replied. Elrik didn't respond and went back to measuring him.
“So is there a name for whatever you are?” Glenn asked, not really comfortable with the awkward silence.

“Fire-starter is the common one used,” Elrik murmured as he left Glenn alone to scribble notes down.
“Do you see the irony in you working with all this flammable stuff?” Glenn said with a smile. Elrik made a noise that sounded like a laugh, but it was a very small one.
“You know it's a shame it's raining outside,” Elrik said. Glenn found himself less annoyed at his damp state upon hearing that.
“Unless your intention was warm and not burn me, I'm happy with the current situation,” Glenn said.
“Chicken,” Elrik muttered. He put his notebook down and sighed.
“Right, you can leave now,” he said.
“Am I really that bad a choice of company?” Glenn asked with raised eyebrows. Elrik actually watched him and considered his answer. Making Glenn feel more self-conscious that he expected.
“As a person, I've met worse-”
“Jarred,” Glenn interrupted. Elrik glanced at the floor and shook his head while smiling at Glenn's comment.

“That is a good example,” he said, then raised his head to give Glenn a careful look.
“So, I'm guessing you dislike me for being human? I'm getting used to it,” Glenn added, not that he thought Elrik would feel especially guilty if that was his reasoning.
“I don't dislike humans. I just think some are ignorant,” Elrik replied. Glenn didn't need to be a science nerd to figure out that by some, he meant Glenn.
“Because of the wristband thing?” Glenn said, noting that he was wearing it now. Elrik nodded silently, still not very forthcoming with an actual explanation.
“Right, guess I'll go,” Glenn said, grabbing his hoodie. He walked through the caravan and opened the door. He glowered at the ongoing rainfall and stepped out.
“Bye,” he heard Elrik shout out. Glenn considered going back in to try and get more information out of him, but figured it'd probably just result in him being on fire. Glenn headed back to Rowan's caravan and found it empty. Then when he turned to head back out he saw Wendy and Leon walking toward Elrik's caravan, hand in hand. Somehow he wasn't surprised by how quickly Wendy had snagged him. Wasn't like she didn't have experience in it.

“Glenn!” Zoe shouted and Glenn turned to see a caravan nearby with it's door open. Zoe body just about visible through the rain. Glenn jogged over, aware of how slippery and muddy the field had become. Once he was inside Zoe slammed the door shut.
“You take your shoes off,” he heard Mira said from somewhere inside the caravan. Glenn quickly kicked off his trainers and took off his hoodie. Dripping like it was wasn't going to do much to help him warm up.
“So, Found a new room mate?” Glenn asked and Zoe nodded.
“Yeah, she certainly beats impossible-to-talk-to vampire guy,” Zoe said with an eye roll. Glenn wondered when Zoe had been taking to Rowan. Last he'd seen Zoe had been furiously angry with the weirdo.
“Yay, I feel special,” Mira shouted from the living area. Though Mira's was embellished with cushions and fluffy throws on them. Mira herself was wearing jeans and a vest top and was holding a glass of what Glenn assumed was red wine.

“Room for another?” Glenn asked as Mira took a sip. Mira shook her head and swallowed.
“Girl's only, sorry Glenny,” she replied. Glenn raised an eye at the variation on his name and sent Zoe a questioning look.
“I guess Mira's a lightweight,” Zoe said, holding a can of lemonade. At least Mira would have someone to hold her hair back later Glenn thought. Though he doubted Zoe was looking forward to the role.

The End

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