Chapter Twelve part twoMature

“You get cranky when you're hungry then,” he said and Wendy rolled her eyes. As if men were any better when hungry. She might be funny about her carbs, but that didn't mean she was going to starve herself. Except she doesn't care anymore she reminded herself. She isn't around her appearance obsessed mother anymore.
“Here,” Leon headed back into the caravan and handed Wendy his coat.
“What about you?” she asked, looking from it to him. He shrugged.
“I've dealt with worse,” he said before stepping into the rain. Within seconds his shirt was drenched and his hair sticking to his face. Wendy pulled up the hood and raced after him.
“Quick question,” Wendy started, trying to control her breathing as they both ran.
“Yes, I stole your dream. It was pretty good,” he replied. Wendy wanted to ask more but decided to concentrate on getting to cover. Leon pulled a caravan door open and they both jumped in as fast as they could. Leon unsurprisingly shivering.
“Oh, it's you two,” Caric's voice said. Then he zoned in on Wendy.
“Chose to stay then?” he said, turning away before she could answer. Why ask if you don't care? Wendy thought with a frown.

“Why would there be food here? He's a vampire like Rowan,” Wendy directed to Leon. Leon went into the kitchen and started grabbing stuff to throw together.
“When a vampire lives as long as him, they generally develop a liking for food they don't actually need. It's a good way to pass the time,” Leon explained as he started sizzling bacon on in a pan.
“Also, can't stand poor humans off without letting them regain their strength,” Caric said from the living area. Wendy really wished she had heard that, because the implication came to her very quickly.
“He's just messing with you. Caric's too worried about us being discovered to take that risk. Jarred on the other hand...” Leon trailed off, his voice turning sour when he spoke Jarred's named.
“Why is that guy here? Clearly you all hate him,” Wendy asked, crossing her arms.
“Because we don't discriminate here. Anyone of any supernatural nature has a home here if they so wish it,” Caric explained from the living room. Wendy uncrossed her arms and walked through the doorway. Caric was lounged on a sofa reading a book that was falling apart. She wondered briefly how old it was.

“Even when the person puts the carnival in jeopardy?” Wendy asked and Caric lifted his eyes to meet her gaze. She tried not to think too much about how similar his eyes were to Zoe and Glenn's.
“I give him words when he steps out of line,” Caric said by way of explanation. Based on past behaviour, Wendy doubted those “words” ever did any good. She just has to hope like hell they never saw the guy she guessed. She walked back into the kitchen and the smell of eggs, bacon and beans reached her nose.
“Just take what you want,” Leon said as he put the last of the scrambled eggs into a serving dish. Wendy purposely took more bacon, aware that if her mother was here she would probably be having a heart attack at the sight of it.
“Yes, just take my food. I don't mind,” Caric complained from the living room. Leon rolled his eyes as he sat down. Apparently this was a pretty common thing if that was his reaction.
“So, how did you end up here? You said yourself you're close to human,” Wendy asked, hoping she wasn't overstepping some mark. Leon took a mouthful and considered his answer while he ate.

“I think someone back in my family tree there was another person like me. But in my immediate family I was alone with the mind reading. Caric's people visting a twon near mine and when I went I immediately overheard the thoughts of those running the place. I tracked down Caric in person that same night and told him everything,” Leon explained.
“And I stupidly let the food stealer join us,” Caric muttered.
“I wonder if complaining is Caric's way of showing affection,” Wendy murmured, causing Leon to snort. Caric grumbled but the words weren't audible.
“I'll take that as agreement,” Wendy shouted back. Caric didn't respond so Wendy guessed she'd won a round. She was surprised she wasn't freaking out a little since it was against a vampire.
“After this I have to take you to see Elrik, Mira's orders,” Leon explained and Wendy sent him a questioning look.

“What? Did you guys think I wouldn't go?” she asked, trying to decide if that offended her or not.
“I just knew what to do if you chose to stay,” he replied. Which wasn't really answering her question but Wendy decided not to let it bother her. They finished they're food quickly and headed back outside. The rain was still fierce but now Caric could shout “coat stealer” at Leon too.
“So, why was my dream good?” Wendy asked as she withdrew into the cover of the hood. Leon turned to study her and Wendy stopped mid-step.
“What? Oh god, it wasn't something embarrassing was it?” Wendy exclaimed, closing the distance between them, her expression panicked. She knew she was blushing now. Leon laughed, turned to the floor and up again.
“I didn't find it embarrassing,” Leon replied. Which again, didn't answer her actual question.

“So what was it then?” Wendy asked, her voice growing irritated.
“This,” he replied. Then he closed those final inches and brushed his lips over hers. Wendy felt her stomach flutter and considered fighting back when she felt Leon's hands wrap round her waist. The warmth of him around her and the gentleness of the kiss made her change her mind. When he pulled away it was too soon. She made a high-pitched sound of complaint that made Leon laughed.
“I told you, it was a good dream,” Leon said. Wendy bite her tongue against a comment that that meant the dream had been embarrassing. Instead she chose to take his hand and fit her fingers between his.

The End

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