Chapter Twelve part oneMature

Chapter Twelve

When Wendy woke up she had a panicked moment that she'd be in her old bed. Then she felt someone move beside her and looked down to see that Leon was still asleep next to her. A second later she realised that she wouldn't of remembered anything if he had erased her memories. She pushed the cover's off her, careful not to disturb Leon and stood up. She brusquely wondered whether he could hear her thoughts while she was asleep. She also wondered if he did the dream steal thing because she couldn't recall anything.

He murmured in his sleep and Wendy bent down, trying to catch what he said. When he didn't say anything else she shrugged and headed to the bathroom. Very aware that she still lacked decent cloths. She saw Rowan's room up ahead with the door ajar. She pushed away hesitate thoughts and crept towards it. When she glanced inside she couldn't see anyone. She pushed the door open a little more and confirmed Rowan was definitely not there. Then she proceed to raid his drawers. She managed to find a decent pair of jeans and t-shirt. It took her another five minutes to find a belt. The t-shirt might show a little more than most girls would be comfortable with, but under the circumstances Wendy decided she didn't care. She wanted out of her dirty cloths, and if Rowan had any objections he wasn't here to voice them.

Once she'd wash as best she could without any shampoo present – how Rowan looked so polished was beyond her. Wendy wondered briefly if it was a vampire thing – she pulled on the cloths and stuck her head into the living room. Leon was still asleep. Only he'd curled up more. She tried not to study his peaceful expression too much. Wendy already thought he was cute as it was. She didn't need further evidence of that fact. When Wendy faced the kitchen she purposely gave the fridge a wide-berth and looked through the shelves. Just like yesterday there was nothing. You'd think Rowan would have made some effort since Caric ordered him to let them stay with him. Though the lack of Glenn or Zoe suggested they may have already moved elsewhere.
She heard Leon groan and turned round to see him sitting up. She felt jealous for a split second at how adorable his bed head looked. Something she could never pull off.
“I'm sure you look better than you think in the morning,” Leon murmured sleepily, wiping sleep from his eyes.

“Good morning to you too mind-reader,” Wendy replied, resuming her attention on the empty cupboard.
“Glaring at them won't make food magically appear,” Leon said, standing up and stretching his arms. Wendy gave a short laugh.
“I bet there's someone here who can do something like that though,” she said.
“Yeah, they're called cooks,” Leon replied. Wendy rolled her eyes at the grin on his face.
“Okay, so let's go eat then. I'm starving,” Wendy said, approaching and poking him lightly in the chest. He raised an eyebrow at the gesture.
“Are you asking me out for breakfast?” he joked.
“Well, you're probably the closest to normal around here,” Wendy replied. Hoping she wasn't blushing too much.

“Really? Is my ability that boring?” he asked, feigning hurt. Wendy shook her head and suppressed the urge to laugh.
“No, yours is the best. Means a person doesn't need to talk or explain sometimes. You just know. And when you say lines like “I understand” you actually do,” Wendy replied. She watched as he looked to the floor and realised he was trying not to blush. She ignored the part that was happy about that and grabbed his hand.
“Let's go then,” She said, faking exasperation as she headed to the caravan door. She swung open the door and saw the downpour.
“I don't think Rowan's cloths will do much good against that,” Leon said with a frown.
“State the obvious much?” Wendy replied, her own face twisted in annoyance at the sky and it's never ending assault of rain. She felt a frustrated noise emerge from her throat and heard Leon laugh behind her.

The End

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