Chapter Eleven part twoMature

“You're the guy who embarrassed my brother,” Zoe stated and the guy gave her a do-I-care?
“He asked for it,” he said by way of explanation and turned his attention to Mira.
“Zoe, Glenn and Wendy all need new cloths made,” Mira explained. He didn't look particularly happy about it but wondered over to a box surrounded by stuff and grabbed a measuring tape.
“Hold out your arms and stand still,” he ordered. Zoe kind of wanted to cross them for it but raised her arms instead. She really wanted some decent cloths. Elrik was quick taking down her measurements. He scribbled them down in a notebook.
“When do the other two get here?” Elrik asked, studying Zoe while he spoke. Zoe felt her skin hackle a little and wanted to tell him to look elsewhere.
“Leon knows to bring Wendy and I assume Rowan will find and drag Glenn on if he isn't with the other two,” Mira replied with a shrug. Zoe tried not to let herself worry over the fact no one knew where Glenn was.

“Well, there isn't much point hanging around then. I'll take the measurements for the others when they turn up and start working,” Elrik said.
“Yes, we should probably head off,” Mira agreed and sent Zoe a smile. Zoe wasn't exactly disagreeing, but she had wanted to hang around until Glenn appeared, They opened the caravan down to see torrential rain and two figured racing through it. If Zoe had thought she was soaking before Glenn's state made her feel lucky. Rowan's hair was slick with rain as was his face.
“Oh yay,” Elrik muttered with rolled eyes when he saw Glenn. Confusion swept Glenn expression and he turned to Zoe for an explanation. All she could do was shrug in answer.
“Elrik, play nice,” Mira demanded. Elrik raised an eyebrow and walked off. Probably to find that measuring tape amongst the mess again.
“Come on, Let's make sure he doesn't bully you too much,” Mira said with a laugh to Glenn.
“Sure,” Glenn replied and quickly turned to me, “Are you okay?” Zoe hesitated before deciding she was going to give the truthful answer.
“Yeah, I think so,” She said.

“Good,” he replied then turned to follow Mira. Zoe settled at the table and stared at the rain trails on the window. Watching at one trail join another and as another stopped mid-flow before more rain fell into it's path.
“I'm glad you're doing okay,” Rowan commented, pulling Zoe from her simple distraction. She knew she'd have to talk to him again, but she hoped it wouldn't be quite so soon.
“Thanks,” she murmured, aware of how forced she sounded.
“I didn't mean it as an insult Zoe,” Rowan said and Zoe snorted.
“How is it that not an insult?” she asked, not really caring about his answer.
“Because in this place everyone has there own hidden agenda. But you don't do any of that stuff. You just let people know the blunt truth,” Rowan explained. Okay, maybe Zoe cared about his answer a little. She felt her checks flush a little and put it down to the heating in the caravan.

“If you think I'm blunt you obviously need to talk to Glenn more. I'm blunt when mad. But Glenn has always direct with people. Including our mother, the few times we saw her,” Zoe replied. Wondering why she was telling Rowan about her mother, he didn't need to know about that.
“Maybe she isn't around much because she knows you can take care of each other,” Rowan suggested. Zoe raised both eyebrows and shook her head.
“No, she's just more interested in her work. Always has been,” Zoe said.
“What does she do?” Rowan asked.
“Business woman for some company. I think it's a travelling one, since she's always managing cheap flights,” Zoe replied with a half-hearted shrug. She didn't want to talk about her mum, not after everything that's happened.
“I'm sorry I shouted at you,” Zoe finally murmured, knowing she'd have to say it eventually. Rowan did that breathy laugh again and ducked his head. When he raised it she was tempted to smack the smile away.

“It does seem to be a reoccurring thing with us,” Rowan said.
“Well, maybe that tells you something,” Zoe replied with a raised eyebrow and barely contained laughed.
“Yeah. That you expect the worse of people. Which isn't a bad thing here,” Rowan replied truthfully. Zoe felt her eyes widen a little and turned back to the window.
“You couldn't have left it as a joke, huh?” Zoe murmured and Rowan sighed.
“I'm not very good with jokes,” Rowan replied, Zoe snorted. As if she hadn't figured that much out.

The End

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