Chapter Eleven part oneMature

Chapter Eleven

Zoe had been grateful to stay in the same caravan as Mira. She really wasn't ready to deal with Rowan anytime soon. She had no clue where Glenn was but she assumed he'd gone back to the other caravan. Or made another friend to bunk with. She looked down and saw the crumpled state of her cloths and muttered darkly to herself. She went through to the kitchen bit to find Mira heating up food. And sitting on a chair was a pile of neat cloths.
“I had to guess your measurements but if they're too big or small let me know. It's be easier if I got Elrik to measure you in person. I should probably get him to make stuff for Glenn and Wendy too,” Mira explained as she flipped a pancake.
“Oh god, I completely forgot about Wendy!” Zoe exclaimed, it was only Mira's gentle laughing that calmed her down.

“Wendy chose to stay here. Leon seems to be quite enamored with her,” Mira said and Zoe felt her eyebrows shoot up before grabbing a plate.
“I'll make my own,” Zoe said and Mira tutted. Handing Zoe the plate already stacked with pancakes.
“But-” Zoe started.
“Eat. You got a long day ahead. Meeting Elrik, helping with the packing away and heading to the next place. And Caric wants to start experimenting to see if you or Glenn can do anything,” Mira said. Zoe would've protested more except that Mira seemed pretty determined.

“Fine,” Zoe muttered before digging into her pancakes. She tried to remember the last time her mother had made her breakfast. She couldn't. Zoe quickly showered and dressed in the new cloths They were a little loose so she borrowed a belt from Mira. Simple jeans and T-shirt. Zoe didn't complain though as she breathed in the fresh linen smell. Zoe shoved her other cloths into the washer and headed back to the second bedroom - Mira has a bigger caravan. She glanced at the jumper she'd folded up and glanced outside. It was still spitting miserably outside and she knew she wouldn't be able to squeeze into a jacket or jumper of Mira. Unfortunately Zoe was cursed to be tall, lanky and worryingly thin. She pulled the jumper on with a inward groan, making herself ignore the musky scent it gave off. It may have been clean but it seemed to a certain extent, Rowan's smell was ingrained on the fabric.

Zoe shook the thoughts away and followed Mira outside. Seeing that the downpour of the rain was already starting to increase. Zoe was dripping water from her hair and shivering violently by the time they'd ran to a separate caravan. There were no more tents up, they'd all been packed away by this point. It was mostly tidying of the fields that had to be carried out now. Mira didn't look too happy either, her hair becoming frizzy from the rainfall. Somehow Zoe found the knowledge that even Mira could look less perfect a relief. She was beginning to worry she and Glenn stood out like sore thumbs looks-wise.

“Elrik?” Mira called, her hands trying to flatten the untameable mess her hair had become.
“Back here!” a male voice Zoe recognised called. She followed Mira through the kitchen to the living room that was basically disorganised chaos. Different folds of fabric were strewn about the place as well as sequin. She saw random rolls of different coloured thread lying around. Upon glancing back saw rolls of satin and delicate lace bursting from a kitchen drawer. She wondered if he actually had any food stored around here. From behind a rack bursting with hanging clothing articles the guy emerged and Zoe realised why she recognised him.

The End

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