Chapter Ten part twoMature

“Are you tired yet?” Leon asked after Wendy had put him through a fifth song. Wendy put the CDs down. She shook her head. Okay, she felt a little tired, but not enough to sleep.
“Let's get something to eat. I think I've tortured you enough with the singing,” Wendy said, grabbing his hand again. Feeling the strength as he gripped her own in return. Wendy had been on a lot of dates, but she'd never had so much silly fun on one. Then again this wasn't a date Wendy reminded herself. Leon walked off to get food from the stand while Wendy defended their table. Wendy stared at his back as he waited in the queue and wondered what the required distance for reading thoughts for him was.

She glanced round the carnival and saw the stand that Leon had got candy floss for her, and the words he'd said about her mother. But what kid didn't echo their parents advice? She'd been told to take what she wanted when she wanted. To make sure she was always presentable and show a certain level of respect. Except those beneath her. Her mum had zoned in on her friendship with Zoe on that last one. Saying she needed friends of higher-standing like her. So when they moved to secondary school Wendy talked to the other richer students. She made herself date the pretentious guys.

And those words Leon had said a hundred times whirled round her head like a destructive tornado. Could she really stay and leave behind all she had known? Zoe and Glenn were the only two who knew what she used to be like. Maybe she could change, become the sort of person she'd always wanted to be. She shook her head and pushed the crazy thought aside. If Leon had heard any of her internal rant he didn't show any hint of it as he returned to the table with two plastic plates of unhealthy food. Wendy pushed the word “unhealthy” away and began to eat.
“I keep asking because I keep hearing doubt in your thoughts,” Leon finally said and Wendy released a breath. She'd already known that, but that didn't mean she'd planned to hear I said aloud.

“No one has a perfect life, but it's real,” Wendy replied with a half hearted shrug. Suddenly feeling less hungry as she pushed the food away and leaned back in her chair.
“You think this isn't real life?” Leon asked.
“No, It's more like a made up fantasy,” Wendy replied honestly. Leon's face gained a sad smile as he stared into the empty part of the field.
“There was a time when humans hunted us, so we became nothing more but rumours and legends. Humans began changing the world. Making pointless thing seem important,” Leon ranted and Wendy gave him a confused look.
“What's your point?” she asked

“My point,” Leon started,” is that you should ignore the world you used to know. That one and this one now exist side by side. There is no wrong or right answer Wendy. I just don't want you to follow logic and have to deal with a life that saddens you.” Wendy didn't know what to make of the little speech. She'd been taught her life to follow her logic. To figure people out and use them. She didn't believe in any of that “follow your heart” nonsense.
“Let's go,” Wendy said, standing up to leave. On the walk back to the caravan she felt her thought going a million miles a second, but knew Leon was probably following them fine. Why did this simple decision seem so hard?
“So, how does this work?” Wendy asked as hey stepped into the relative warmth of the caravan.

“You sleep and I stay awake and when you've hit the lowest level of unconsciousness. I'll do it. Caric will ensure you wake up back home,” Leon explained. Wendy nodded and sat on the sofa bed. She flopped back with a sigh and stared at the single bulb that swayed side to side without a cover of some sort. She felt the bed springs move and glanced at Leon.
“ have to actually-” Wendy began.
“Well, it's a lot easier to be near you, since I need a physical connection to carry out the erasing,” Leon said, a hint of laugher making him smile.
“Oh,” Wendy murmured, feeling her cheeks blush.
“Fine, but if I kick you in my sleep it's not my fault,” Wendy muttered as she pulled the covers over her body and turned off the light. She realised she had no hope of sleeping when she was so aware of Leon lying right next to her. All she had to do was turn the other way and she'd see him. She felt war arms wrap round her and her whole body stiffened against it.

“Relax,” Leon murmured. Wendy couldn't deny she felt more comfortable with his body wrapped round hers. And that was the problem. She'd only known him for one day and yet he was having such an effect on her.
“Leon,” Wendy whispered as she felt her eyelids grow heavy.
“Yeah?” he asked, his breath tickling the back of her neck.
“Don't do it...I think I stay here a little longer,” she murmured sleepily. Wendy didn't hear his response because sleep took her.

The End

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