Chapter Ten part oneMature

Chapter Ten

Wendy groaned as she failed to hit yet another glass with a ring.
“Are these actually tested so it's possible to do?” Wendy asked as she got ready to throw her last ring.
“Well, we test them so we can do it,” Leon replied and Wendy huffed.
“You guys have a huge unfair advantage.” Leon laughed and watched as she failed to land her last ring.
“Not really, apart from people like Mira or Caric. Most of us are pretty close to human. But most of them would attack you if you verbally suggested it,” Leon said, dragging her to a sweet stand. He handed her candy floss soundlessly and she looked from it to him.
“You realise how unhealthy this stuff is?” Wendy asked, handing it back. Leon rolled his eyes and gave it back to the stand.

“What?” Wendy asked, her voice growing a little in pitch. Leon just shook his head and started walking. The whole not answering thing really bugged her. If he could hear every single thought she had, it was only faired he'd shared some of his.
“What do you want to do now?” Leon asked. Like Wendy knew, she wanted to know why he had reacted funny. Leon sighed and faced her fully.
“I know you said the words, but in your head. I'm pretty sure it was your mother. Or a similar figure in your life. You should learn to think for yourself is all,” Leon said. To say Wendy was taken by surprise would be an understatement.
“You don't know anything about my life, so maybe you should just leave the whole thing alone,” Wendy finally muttered.
“I was, but you pushed,” Leon replied. Wendy felt a frown cross her face but couldn't think of a response.

“Karaoke,” she said. Now Leon was the one shocked. Which seemed strange. Didn't he hear the thought before she said it?
“Some things are thought and spoken in the same moment,” Leon explained. So it was possible to take him by surprise? Wendy stored that little bit of information for later. Though how she'd use it she had no clue. Wendy led the way into the small tent were it was set up. She glanced through the CD';s available.
“Let me guess. Some girly band,” Leon said, glancing over her shoulder. Wendy shoved him away playfully.
“What do you take me for? I have decent taste you know. Besides. I'm not singing alone,” Wendy said going onto the podium to tap the microphone.
“Oh, no. There is no way I am singing,” Leon replied, holding up both his hands in an I-surrender gesture and backing away slightly.

“Why not? It's not like I'm going to remember it tomorrow,” Wendy replied. The next instance the sentence felt too sobering and she jumped off the podium to quickly put the CD on.
“Come on,” She said, grabbing and dragging Leon onto the little stage.
“Really? That song?” he asked, reading her mind Wendy guessed.
“Owl City are awesome. And if you got a problem with it,'ll just have to deal with it,” Wendy replied, sticking her tongue out at him before turning to the little screen where the words should start appearing.
“You know you're allowed to change your mind,” Leon repeated for the hundredth time that day. Wendy was beginning to wonder if he was the one that wanted her to stay. His expression did little to confirm or deny the possibility.

“Just so you know, I'm a crappy singer,” Leon murmured. Wendy felt her lips quirk a little. She wasn't any good either but since the tent was empty she'd decided to take advantage. The upbeat tune started and the words started to appear. Wow, on her own Wendy had been bad, but together only someone tone deaf would walk willing into the tent. And she had no doubt the ears around here were more sensitive than most.

The End

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