Chapter Nine part oneMature

Chapter Nine

When Zoe woke up the caravan was empty. She quickly found a note tapped to the door handle.
“Gone outside for some air! - Wendy”. Zoe dropped the note in the bin and released a sigh. Everyone was exploring or whatnot. Surely when things like Jarred were out there it was safer to remain inside? Zoe shook her head and saw the trays of food they were meant to eat. Zoe quickly dished some on a plate and shoved it in the microwave. She sat and starred out the tiny window waiting for it to go beep. She brushed aside the little lace curtains and saw a flurry of action.
Rides were being set up as were various stands. She spotted Glenn helping out, carrying boxes into the big tent that she remembered holding the bar. Wendy was testing out the ring toss with Leon by her side. She looked happy. But then why wouldn't she? She was going to get out of this place. While she and Glenn had no choice but to stay.

“You can go out there and help too. It'll help the others to accept you,” Rowan's voice spoke from the doorway that was his room. Zoe scowled, why should she care what these people thought of her? They'd kidnapped her, turned her world upside down. And there was nothing she could do to escape it all. The microwave going off interrupted her line of thought and she stood up to get it out. Trying her hardest to ignore the fact that Rowan was still standing there, watching her.
“Don't you have something better to do than stalk young girls?” she finally spat, turning to face him. She crossed her arms and met his unreadable eyes evenly.
“I told you, I was ordered to observe you,” Rowan said and Zoe rolled her eyes.
“What are you? A puppy? Would you put a stake through your heart or whatever kills you if Caric asked you too?” Zoe ranted as she took her plate to the table and sat down. Rowan made that little breathy laugh again and sat opposite her. To say Zoe didn't like him there would be an understatement.

“Can you just leave me alone?” she suggested non too kindly as she took a bite of food.
“It wasn't Caric who ordered it. Caric may think he's the be all and end all. But there are ancients that rank much higher than him. If they ask me to do something, I'm not about to question it,” Rowan explained. Zoe continued to eat and thought over the words. So Caric wasn't the boss at the end of the day.
“Can you introduce me to these other ancients?” Zoe asked.
“No,” Rowan said the moment the words left Zoe's mouth.
“Why not?” Zoe asked, her lips twisting into a pout.
“Because they decide whether or not to meet you. I can't request that,” Rowan replied. Zoe finished the last of her food, knowing she'd eaten way too fast. Rowan took her plate without a word and went to the sink. Zoe glowered at his back before sighing.
“What does Caric think me and my brother can do?” Zoe asked and she saw Rowan pause for a second before he grabbed the tea-towel to dry the plate.

The End

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