Chapter Eight part twoMature

“I wondered where you were. You know it is your assigned duty to help with the bar,” the guy said, raising an eyebrow at the girl. She huffed at his words and grabbed a barstool before turning her attention on me.
“You must be one of the humans,” she said, her voice soft and airy. She had long, gentle waves of white hair flowing down her back. Her eyes were the palest blue he'd ever seen on a person.
“Yeah, I'm Glenn,” he replied. Wondering who - or rather what - she was. She nodded and starred at the news.

“Isn't that were we're headed after tonight?” she said, turning to the guy.
“Yup, hopefully the lycans won't try to pull some stunt. They've never exactly liked the way we lived or Caric for that matter,” he replied. That sparked Glenn interest, what issue did they have with Caric? And could he use it to cause some chaos that may help him and Zoe to escape this crazy place.
“Of course they'll do something. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Like Caric,” the women replied. Glenn saw embarrassment fleet across the guys face.
“Well, nothing wrong with being hopeful,” he replied and she snorted.
“How many times are we going to do this before you get the message kid?” she said and Glenn got the feeling he was listening to a private conversation and turned to leave.
“Don't leave on our account Glenn. Greg just needs to learn that me and him won't happen,” the women said stopping Glenn mid-step.
“I'll leave the subject alone if you give a reason other than-”
“the fact that I've lived half a dozen of your lifetimes is a good enough reason,” she interrupted. Glenn got the feeling this was something they discussed everytime they saw each other.

“No,” she cut him off and stood to leave. Glenn found a memory in the back of his mind twig.
“You're one of the people who don't want me or my sister here,” Glenn blurted and Petra stopped mid-step to meet his gaze. She crossed her arms and nodded.
“I think it's a risk. To both you and the secrecy that lets us get by,” she replied.
“So then why is Caric doing it?” Glenn asked. He knew but he wondered if others did.
“Because he's a egotistical twit and needs to know his ability so he can add to his long list of non-consequential things to be proud of. If you think he actually cares for you or Zoe your sorely mistaken. The moment he knows what he needs to, he'll happily hand you over to Jarred,” Petra said. Not caring about the bluntness with which she spoke. Glenn raised an eyebrow and sighed.
“I think Rowan needs to remember his descriptive words better. Because you're not exactly giving off a concerned vibe,” Glenn murmured to himself. But he could tell by Petra expression she had heard.

“Rowan is another idiot. He follows Caric blindly. Not because of any particular faith to the man and his choices. But simply because he can't be bothered to think for himself. And I am concerned for you and your sister's well being. But I doubt Caric would listen to them. So, I need to make my case on ground that affect what he does care for. The little world he'd built for himself here and the safety of his race,” Petra said. Glenn glance behind him and saw that Greg had disappeared.
“So, if I had a plan. Could you help me carry it out?” Glenn asked warily. Petra raised an eyebrow and the side of her lips tweaked upwards.
“Only if it's a good plan,” she replied. Glenn left the tent, knowing he had at least one ally. Or as close as he was going to get to one in this place. He looked at the TV again and saw that the news had moved onto a new story. If there was one thing Glenn wouldn't do. It was tell Zoe. Glenn had never known Calvin. But Zoe on the other hand, that was an entirely different story.

The End

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