Chapter Eight part oneMature

Chapter Eight

Glenn kept looking over his shoulder to make sure he could remember his way back. He avoided the curious glances and met the glares evenly. He knew that was dumb, it didn't take a genius to figure out he was at the bottom of the food chain here. And the only thing protecting him and Zoe was Caric. That left a bitter taste in his mouth. The father who'd never been there for either of them was now the difference between life and possible death.
Glenn checked behind him again, also wary of crossing paths with Jarred. He turned round and jumped back from the flame that appeared in front of him. But rather than taking a step back he slipped on the mud and colliding with the ground painfully. He heard a dark chuckle behind him and turned to see him. Glenn quickly pulled himself up and wiped mud off his jeans. Trying not to let his face grow red.
“You realise fire is actually dangerous, Elrik” Glenn muttered, causing the laughing to stop. A half-smile formed and did little to ease Glenn's discomfort.
“So, Rowan told you who I am then,” he said, raising a hand to scratch at the stumble growing there.

“Yes,” Glenn replied, then turned to leave and almost ended up in the same predicament. Glenn shut his eyes to calm his breathing. Otherwise he'd end up having a serious shot at this git. And probably get his ass kicked.
“Sorry I questioned your ability, okay?” Glenn said, facing the guy. Elrik seemed a little taken aback but quickly righted himself. Sending a sneer that told Glenn Elrik didn't care what he thought.
“You think I care about that? You were the one putting people at risk with the request. I don't really give a damn what happens to humans,” Elrik replied, causing Glenn to wonder what the wristband actually did.
“Well in that case, why are you bothering me?” Glenn asked and Elrik laughed.
“You think I need a reason to annoy a human? I'm just doing it for the fun. You react to fire funny,” Elrik said with a shrug before turning to leave. Glenn felt his stomach drop a little. Great, he thought, I was going to have to deal with surprise fire attacks the whole time I'm here.

“You and your sister should work on some run away plan, and soon. Cause no doubt Jarred's already planning. He doesn't like not getting his way.” Elrik threw the warning over his shoulder. Glenn told himself to ignore the words, Elrik was just trying to freak him our more for his own amusement. Except Glenn had seen the fear in Zoe's eyes that night. Maybe running away was the best idea.
But he knew they couldn't do it yet. First Wendy had to get out of the line of fire. Finally Glenn stopped walking, because he knew it wasn't going help him calm down. He stood and drew in some deep breaths, trying to forget the crazy, upside-down world around him. Only he heard a name he recognised.
“Turn that up,” Glenn said as he walked into the same bar tent as last night. Only now a small TV was on. The guy from last night was setting up behind the counter. He sent him a questioning look before reaching over to turn it up.
“...this is just one of many fires that have spread they're way around London. The blaze of this particular one was so bad that the fatalities could only be identified by dental records.” Glenn stared at the pictures and names going past, listing the identified dead.
“Classic lycan trick,” the guy huffed behind him. Glenn raised a eyebrow and the guy stopped what he was doing.

“When someone realises their a lycan they try to eliminate their old persona and live by a new one. Usually by removing all the teeth from a human and putting one of their own with the burnt body,” the guy explained. Glenn felt too close to physically sick. At least Rowan hadn't tried to bite them yet. And with the way Zoe annoyed him this morning Glenn knew he had reason to worry. Zoe had always been one to shout before thinking.
“I knew one of them, so I think it's just a freak fire,” Glenn said. Looking at the four year old photo they flashed on the news. That was the last photo Calvin's parents had of him before he ran away.
“If you say so,” the guy said with a shrug, walking off. Glenn glanced at his back. Yeah, Zoe was wrong. He was straight based on his checking out of the girl entering.

The End

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