Chapter Seven part twoMature

“I think I need more sleep after all that,” Zoe mumbled, sending a wave before slumping onto the sofa bed. Glenn on the other hand remained standing even though Wendy and Leon had both sat.
“You're meant to stay here. So you can go for a walk if you want. It's not like Caric can expect Rowan to babysit you two forever,” Leon said, interrupting Glenn's nervous pacing. Glenn sent him a grateful look and headed for the door. Leaving Wendy alone with the mysterious Leon guy. Wendy watched as Leon grabbed a pair of old playing cards and starting shuffling. Up close she saw that his eyes were pale lilac colour. An unusual shade that worked surprisingly well with his dirty blond hair. More importantly though, Wendy wondered about Leon's ability. It seemed pretty out there that he could erase memories.
“I can also read mind's, or at least surface thoughts. You're not half bad looking yourself,” Leon said, starting to deal cards between them. Wendy felt her face grow red.
“H-how?” she stuttered. Wanting to switch subject as fast as possible. Leon finished dealing the cards and sighed.

“I don't know. How do humans dream?” he asked, catching her by surprise. He laughed at her puzzled expression.
“My kind can't dream. We read human minds and steal your dreams instead. When we do that the human can't recall the dream. We're one of the more common types of beings. It's helps that we look and age like humans though,” Leon explained. Wendy nodded but found herself still feeling a little confused.
“With practise we can also learn to dive deeper into the psych while a person sleeps and erase memories. We can only access deeper thought while a person sleeps. When a humans awake, like you are. As I said, I can only read surface thoughts,” Leon continued, answering the unspoken question. Wendy digested all this and picked up the cards dealt to her. She looked through the deck then held them up for him to look at.
“Then that means whatever game you have in mind is extremely unfair,” she pointed out, causing Leon to laugh.
“Probably, but there isn't much else to do,” Leon replied with a shrug. Wendy remembered Rowan's mention of a TV. Wendy turned to through the small doorway into the living area where Zoe was quietly snoring.

“I doubt she'd appreciate being woken up,” Leon said. Wendy whipped back round and pursed her lips.
“Can you not do that? At least...not till I'm more used to the idea?” Wendy asked tentatively.
“Yeah, I'll stop. But you think loudly. So sometimes it feels like you're talking,” he replied, looking a little sheepish. Wendy frowned and tried to decide if that was an insult or compliment. She watched as the side of Leon's lip twigged upwards. So he was teasing her? Another twig.
“I suppose it's a good thing I always sucked at keeping secrets,” Wendy said. She leaned forward to reshuffle the cards.
“Okay, let's play rummy. Then at least you won't know all of my cards.” Leon laughed and Wendy tried not to think about how nice a sound it was. Afterall, last thing she needed was a reason to want to stay here.

The End

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