Chapter Seven part oneMature

Chapter Seven

Wendy watched in silence, not even trying to disbelieve the words she heard. By now it was clear this was no normal situation. But after Rowan's words nobody spoke and Wendy decided she was bored of being invisible.
“So what happens to me?” she tried to stop the tremors from etching into her voice, but she knew they were there anyway.
“That's up to you really,” Caric said and Wendy sent him a cautious look.
“How so?” she asked.
“Well,” Caric started, “If you want to leave. You can.” Wendy raised an eyebrow, knowing they'd be some catch in there.
“Of course, I can't just let you go knowing all you know,” He said, sitting up straighter.
“So what? Try leaving but you might die?” Wendy asked, crossing her arms.
“Humans, always so dramatic. I would merely have someone erase your memories. You would wake up tomorrow as if nothing had happened,” Caric explained. Wendy chewed on her lower lip and glanced at Glenn and Zoe.
“Will you two be okay?” Wendy asked.

“Yeah, just get out of here,” Zoe replied, her face looking relieved upon hearing Caric's explanation. Glenn's seemed to have an equally relieved expression and was nodding with Zoe's words. Wendy stood up and faced Caric.
“Okay, do it,” she said.
“We can't do it until tonight. Leon can only do it when you're sleeping,” Caric said. He quickly interjected before Wendy could voice objections.
“It has to be a natural sleep. If you force it, it's not guaranteed,” Caric said. Wendy felt her jaw clench because she wanted it done now. But she also knew worse might happen if she didn't go with this option.
“Fine, who's this Leon then?” Wendy asked.
“Just head back to the caravan with the others. Rowan will make sure he joins you shortly,” Caric said. If Rowan wanted to complain about the task he didn't show it. He quickly led them back through the maze of tents and vehicles, only this time people were up and about. Many sending curious glances, and a few glares. Rowan stopped when they hit a group of people who seemed to be preparing a huge breakfast. He walked up to a elderly women and talked to her. A few minutes later a young man came out of a caravan and approached the group.

“So...who's memories am I erasing?” the stranger asked. Wendy couldn't help but feel a little more at ease with the situation upon seeing his warm smile.
“Me,” she murmured, he nodded in acknowledgement and sent Rowan a glance.
“Food's already in the caravan for you three,” he said. Once they were back at the caravan Rowan left, off to do whatever else Caric ordered him too, Wendy guessed. She wondered why Caric choose to trust Rowan over anyone else.

The End

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