Chapter Six part threeMature

“Which is where you two come in. Caric wants to see if maybe his ability is to pass something onto his human children,” Mira continued for him. Glenn shook his head again and turned to Zoe. But her facial expression was pensive, she was seriously considering the new information.
“Since my eighteenth birthday I've been getting a reoccurring dream,” Zoe finally confessed. Mira seemed thoughtful while Caric snorted.
“Well, that's about as helpful as rotted blood,” Caric muttered. Mira sent him a warning look. He sat down and crossed his arms.
“Fine, I'll stay out of it,” he said.
“Is it made of solid events, or odd images?” Mira asked.
“It's solid I guess. It's like watching a movie clip, only I feel it all alongside her,” Zoe explained. Glenn listened carefully and suddenly realised that despite these two months. He had never bothered to ask her the dreams content.
“Her?” Mira pushed.

“She...she looks like me, only she's older. Mid-twenties or thereabouts,” Zoe continued. Mira nodded thoughtfully and glanced at Caric.
“Holds no meaning to any of my memories,” Caric said with a shrug.
“Who's being helpful now?” Mira muttered sarcastically, a comment Caric ignored. She gave Glenn a pointed stare and he shifted uncomfortably.
“Nothing here, sorry,” He said. Mira's expression fell further and she leaned back into the sofa cushions with a heave of a sigh.
“Well, we just have to wait and see then. You're young enough that we can try and discover any hidden talents you have,” Mira said. After they'd been sitting in silence for a while, each lost in their own thoughts Rowan returned.
“Did you explain the situation?” Caric asked. Rowan nodded grimly.
“Yes, and as expected there were objections,” Rowan replied.

“Who from? And remove Jarred's name from that list. I don't care what that idiot has to say,” Caric said. Glenn saw relief cross Zoe's face. Glenn couldn't help but be glad that Jarred was on the bad side of Caric.
“Petra, though her objections were more to do with concern of their safety. Some of Jarred goons and Elrik,” Rowan said. Glenn wasn't surprised that some of the others cornering that night would be against them. Though he found himself wondering who the other two were.
“Well, tell Petra to stop worrying, the sylphid has no reason for fear regarding the pair,” Caric said, true concern etching his voice. Glenn didn't care, but he knew what Zoe must be thinking. Up until now they hadn't cared who he was because he'd been distant and blunt. But now they saw something close to an ability to care surface. And that complicated how Zoe should feel.

“What's a sylphid?” Glenn asked, trying to distract the situations Caric and Rowan weren't even aware was happening. Mira on the other hand was watching Zoe carefully, worry softening her eyes.
“The slyph are air elementals. They can turn invisible. And I wouldn't recommend pissing one off. They can generate rather fearsome storms,” Caric explained before resuming his attention on Rowan.
“And tell Elrik to stop whining just because the human boy annoyed him,” Caric said. Glenn raised an eyebrow and tried to recall when he could've annoyed someone. Then unbidden, the image of the messy-haired guy flying sparks from his hand hit Glenn.

The End

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