Chapter Six part twoMature

“You think it's a laughing matter when three people get kidnapped. Wake up miles away from home. And on top of that, find fucking blood bags in the fridge?!” Zoe let out a shaky breath when she finished, her hands trembling by her sides in tight fists.
“You done?” Rowan asked and Zoe snorted and turned to storm into the living area.
“Done? Fuck, if I had it my way I'd be doing more than yelling, dick,” she muttered as she walked. Rowan's eyes narrowed a little at the insult but otherwise let I be. Something Glenn was grateful for, he had a feeling he wouldn't be able to take Rowan in a fair fight.
“Follow me, Caric's ready to explain,” Rowan said. Glenn didn't hesitate, neither did Zoe after a few seconds of glaring at Rowan's back Wendy on the other hand wavered at the doorway.

“Don't worry. We may dislike you, but we don't want to see you dead,” Glenn said. Wendy didn't react with her usual derision, instead she nodded a silent thanks and began following. Her eyes scanning the empty fields and dark woods to the far side of them. They found themselves entering what seemed to be the same tent as last night, only the mess of costumes and other props were tidied away now. Mirabella splayed out on the sofa, the little dove she called Rose happily sitting on her shoulder. They also could now see the desk and chair that had been covered in stuff properly. If Glenn was unsure if Caric ran the carnival he was reassured of the fact, because Caric looked particularly business-like as he shuffled through papers.

“Rowan, close the tent and make it clear we're not to be disturbed,” Caric said, not looking up from what he was reading. Rowan left, closing the flap behind him. When he didn't return Glenn figured he really was talking to the others. Rose made a little tweet sound and flew across to rest on Zoe's shoulder. The bird's delicate eyes studying her features.
“Hi, again,” Zoe said, the first genuine smile in hours taking form.
“Right, sit,” Caric ordered, standing up. Zoe raised an eyebrow, but sat in the space left on the sofa. Mira drew her knees up so Glenn could squeeze between them.
“The probability that you're my children is high. I recall your mother and Rose sensed my essence within you,” Caric explained.

“Essence? You mean genes? How does a bird do that?” Zoe interrupted. Caric's nostrils flared slightly, showing it bothered him.
“Yes, she can. Animals have always been hypersensitive with my kind,” Caric replied. Zoe raised an eyebrow.
“You're kind?” Zoe asked.
“There have been various terms for us throughout history, each culture giving it's own name. I believe the current word that most closely describes us is vampire,” Caric replied. Glenn laughed.
“You're kidding, right?” he said, moving to cover his mouth in an attempt to stop the giggles. Caric replied with a serious expression.
“I don't kid boy,” he said.
“Is Rowan one too?” Zoe asked.
“Yes, but not the same as me,” Caric replied. Glenn stood up and shook his head.
“Okay. Let's say the crazy story is true, what does that make us? Because you - a guy we've never met before in our whole lives - is claiming to be our dad. So what are we then? Half-vamps or something?” Glenn asked, throwing hands gestures about as he spoke.
“As I said, me and Rowan are different kinds of vampire. I'm an ancient. So you will remain human,” Caric said. Glenn raised an eyebrow, pushing for more information but he received none.

“So why are we here? I'm guessing it isn't any sudden paternal instinct on your part,” Zoe said.
“Because, ancient vampires are somewhat rare. There are thirty of us in total, each with their own ability of some kind. Except me,” Caric explained.

The End

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