Chapter Six part oneMature

Chapter Six

“Don't suppose either of you have some straightens?” Wendy asked, she was wearing the same cloths as yesterday minus her jumper. She didn't look particularly happy about that fact. Her hair was already starting to curl slightly.
“Nope,” Glenn said. Enjoying the small opportunity to give her grief. Wendy groaned between her teeth and moved to raid a cupboard.
“I wouldn't look in the fridge,” Glenn warned her. Though he admitted the idea of seeing her panic did make him smile a little. She narrowed her eyes at him and half opened it.
“Okay,” she started, closing the door. “Excuse while I freak out over what the hell they want us here for.” Zoe raised an eyebrow and looked between them. Glenn just shook his head again, which did nothing to ease his sister's curiosity.

“What's going on?” she asked, giving Glenn a pointed stare. Glenn shifted uncomfortably on the bench before choosing to shake his head again.
“What are you? The overprotective big brother?” Wendy sneered, before shoving Zoe aside to sit next to her. Zoe didn't look especially happy about this fact.
“Technically the younger one, idiot,” Glenn replied. Wendy rolled her eyes and quickly communicated how much she cared about that fact.
“Good for you. Now how about we let her know so we can figure out how to get out of here,” Wendy said, crossing her arms. Glenn felt his jaw clench, because he knew Wendy was right. Zoe did need to know what they'd both seen in that fridge.

“Right, that's it!” Zoe yelled, standing up. “Out of my way snobby,” She said to Wendy. Who only had a split second to look offended before she was being pushed off the bench. Wendy chose to move rather than be fall into a heap on the floor.
“You're mean,” Wendy muttered as Zoe walked past her and to the fridge.
“Wait, that's really not a good idea,” Glenn said, reaching over to stop her. Zoe ducked under the outstretched arm and yanked the fridge door open. Glenn watched her eyes grow wider as she took it in.

“Do you mind?” All three of them glanced up to see Rowan, who was leaning against some of the shelving. Zoe met his gaze head on before shutting the fridge.
“Is this the part where we finally get an explanation?” Zoe asked, making Rowan release a small breathy laugh. Glenn felt the fire burn through her veins but knew he had no hope of stopping the oncoming outburst.

“You think this is funny?!” she yelled, closing the distance between her and Rowan quickly. Rowan seemed to grow a little uncomfortable at the lack of personal space but was otherwise unaffected by her yelling.

The End

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