Chapter Five part twoMature

“We've been kidnapped nitwit. You didn't do anything with the cute guy. He just knocked you out and left you here then nabbed me and Glenn,” Zoe explained.
“What? Why-”
“I don't know anymore than that Wendy,” Zoe interrupted. Suddenly too aware of how watery her eyes felt. She suddenly realised in that one sentence how deep in complete and utter shit they were.
“I don't know,” Zoe whispered, her lips quivering as she said it. She quickly raised a hand to the side of her face next to Wendy. The last thing she was about to do was start crying in front of her.

“Either this is the most twisted prank ever. Or you're being serious,” Wendy said, her usually perfectly straight blond hair falling in messy, uneven waves. Her grey eyes wide enough to tell Zoe that Wendy wasn't convincing herself this was a prank very well.
“Wendy, you've known me since primary school. You know, back before you...changed,” Zoe trailed off uncertainly. If the wording bothered her she didn't show it.
“So you know I'm not the type to pull pranks,” Zoe finished.
“Do I? You've changed too Zo,” Wendy replied, surprising Zoe with her old nickname. Zoe hadn't heard her use it since the start of secondary school, when Wendy joined the popular crowd. Since then her nickname had been things like “loser”.
“I'm still as blunt as ever,” Zoe said with a shrug. Wendy bowed her head slightly in agreement.

“True, but only about others. Glenn I admit, hasn't changed at all,” Wendy said, a smile touching her lips as she glanced at Glenn. Zoe hoped that smile didn't mean anything more than friends, otherwise Wendy was in for disappointment, and Glenn was in for a shock.
“I don't think I'm perfect, if that's what you're trying to suggest,” Zoe said defensively, and saw the meaning hit home.
“You weren't the one being bullied throughout primary, Zoe. And I was just talking about you've clearly been stressed recently but have yet to tell anyone.” The sound of the bathroom door opening reached their ears.
“I'm showering first, I feel icky,” Wendy said with a laugh. As if the last conversation and her confession hadn't happened at all. Zoe remained quiet as she wondered down the caravan. She didn't hear any more words so Wendy must've not run into the guy. Speaking of showers, Zoe looked down at herself and figured out why she smelt funny. She'd forgotten Glenn had given her his jumper. She pulled it off and saw Glenn mumble and shift so his eyes were away from the sunlight.

“Get up lazy,” Zoe said, throwing the screwed up jumper at him. He caught it with one hand and opened his eyes.
“I was kind of enjoying the lie-in,” he muttered, sitting up slowly and rubbing at his eyes.
“Oh...I didn't have the dream...guess that knock out thing did the trick,” Zoe said with a laugh. Glenn snorted.
“We're not knocking you out every night just so you don't have the dream,” He said, then took in his surroundings.
“Did I miss the freaking out?” he asked, motioning to the empty space next to me where Wendy had been.
“Wasn't much of one,” Zoe replied with a small shake. Glenn studied her for a moment before standing up.

“Might as well raid the kitchen and see if there's anything decent to eat,” Glenn said. He opened the small fridge, looked inside and closed it. His face looked a whiter than it had before so Zoe followed him.
“What's wrong?” Zoe asked, reaching to open the fridge herself. Glenn stopped her.
“You don't want to know. Let's just wait to Rowan or Caric to explain what's going on,” Glenn said. Zoe gave him a questioning look.
“Caric is the man from the tent. Rowan is the other guy who I assume is somewhere round here,” Glenn explained. Zoe blinked as she finally got a name to go with the chocolate eyes. Not that she cared what his name was. The guy was a creepy stalker, ordered to or not.
“There's something else you should know,” Glenn trailed off, sliding onto one of the table benches. Zoe took the bench opposite and raised an eyebrow for him to continue. He looked down and took a steadying breath.
“Rowan said Caric is our father,” Glenn said. Zoe starred at him, blinking a few times.
“Zo?” Glenn prodded.

“If he is our father. Then I get to throw the first punch,” Zoe finally said. Glenn laughed and shook his head.
“So you believe it's possible?” he asked and Zoe gave a non-committal shrug.
“I honestly don't know. But our father left before we were born. Mum never heard from him again. He could be dead, he could be in another country. Or he could be this Caric guy. No way to really know,” Zoe ranted. She released a sigh and met Glenn's eyes.
“I'm getting a little sick and tired of not knowing,” she admitted, causing Glenn to laugh.
“Me too,” Glenn murmured.

The End

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