Chapter Five part oneMature

Chapter Five

Zoe blinked against the harsh sunlight spilling through the curtain gap of the window above her. She groaned and sat up, rubbing her eyes and looking around. It took her another second to realise she didn't recognise her surroundings at all. She looked around cautiously and saw she was in a decently sized caravan. Wendy was sprawled beside her snoring softly. They were both on a sofa pull out bed and directly across the small gap of carpet was Glenn. Zoe doubted he was comfortable on the thin built-in sofa. His own snoring told her she was the first to wake up. She slid the quilt off her with soft shush sound and crept through the caravan. A clear doorway led to a kitchen bit with a table and set of benches squeezed between shelving. Past this was the tiniest bathroom she'd ever seen and immediately made her want her own back.

Further down the small corridor was the caravan door which - despite her attempts to yank it open - remained locked. With a frustrated sign her gaze locked onto the closed wooden door at the end of the caravan. She reached a somewhat unsteady hand to the handle but it was opened from the other side. Any doubts she'd had previously were erased as she saw the chocolate brown eyes up close.
“I see you're up,” he muttered, then pushed past. Zoe tried not to think too much about the fact that he was shirtless as she forced a scowl onto her face.
“Where the hell am I?” she asked, her voice deforming into a hiss near the end. The guy sighed and turned to meet her eyes levelly.
“At a pit stop on the way to Great Yarmouth,” he replied.

“What?” Zoe whispered, “But that's miles away,” Zoe continued. The guy shrugged.
“We travel fast,” Was his only way of explanation. He headed towards the bathroom and paused to send her a glance over his shoulder.
“Stop hyperventilating, it raises your heart rate. Not the best thing here. When I'm sorted I'll get Caric here and he'll explain everything,” he said. Zoe gave him a startled look, she hadn't even realised her breathing had sped up.
“And what should we do till then?” Zoe asked, throwing both hands out.
“The TV has signal,” he replied with another shrug. Zoe had a feeling those shrugs were going to annoy her. He took in her miffed expression and did another shrug. Yup, they were definitely going to piss her off.
“Wait,” Zoe started, an irritated expression appeared as he stopped half-way through the bathroom door.

“What?” he asked, his voice turning harsher.
“Why were you watching me at school?” Zoe asked.
“Because I was ordered too,” he replied, turning and slamming the door before she could process the information. Was it the other man from last night who ordered it, the one he just called Caric? Zoe could only fume as she wondered over every detail. She ran an angry hand through her unbrushed black strands and headed back to the living area, collapsing onto the bed. Not caring that Wendy let out a small moan, signalling her waking up.
“What happened to the cute guy?” Wendy murmured, clearly still half asleep. Zoe could only assume she met the guy now occupying the bathroom and found herself growing angrier. Taking her and Glenn was one thing, but what on earth did they need Wendy for?
“He's showering,” Zoe replied. Apparently her presence was enough for Wendy to shoot awake.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Wendy yelped, pulling the covers up. Apparently Wendy was also unaware she was fully dressed. Which said more than Zoe needed to know about Wendy's habits.

The End

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