Chapter Four part twoMature

“What the fu-!” Glenn began, moving to attack the stranger.
“Don't. It's better this way,” The women said, grabbing his arm to stop him throwing a punch.
“Like hell it is, what the hell do you people want with us?!” Glenn shouted. Caric stood up and closed the distance between him and Glenn too quickly for Glenn's comfort, happily invading his personal space. The man somehow managed to seem intimidating when he and Glenn were of equal height.
“I'm trying to do this in a way that protects you, should our findings prove false. Though you've all but confirmed it with your mother's name. As to why Rose's findings are incomplete Mirabella,” Caric began, turning to face the women. More than annoying Glenn a little with his side-stepping of answers.

“Could it be due to the fact they are twins?” he asked, letting the women contemplate it for a few seconds. She merely shrugged.
“To be honest, I don't know. No ancient has ever had twins. It's possible, of course. But I have no way to prove it. But if that's true it' may be harder than usual to come across any substantial findings,” The women babbled uncertainly, studying Glenn and Zoe. Who was sleeping soundlessly on a sofa, the stranger hovering nearby in case she woke too soon and continued to be an issue. Caric considered these words before releasing a sigh.
“Well, it's you and your sisters lucky day. You get to learn more about this world after such a short space of time on this earth than most humans ever get to glimpse in their whole lives,” Caric said.

“Rowan, did you find the one accompanying them?” he directed to the stranger, leaving Glenn confused as to what he had been talking about.
“Yes, she's in my caravan at the moment but I'd prefer her moved,” Rowan replied. Caric snorted.
“I don't trust them with anyone else. So you're stuck with the girl as well as these two. Take them back. We're leaving tonight, I plan to explain everything to them tomorrow. When they've had enough sleep to process the information,” Caric explained. Rowan seemed less than happy with the situation but moved to pick up Zoe all the same. Glenn quickly intercepted and picked her up himself.
“So what is this? A kidnapping?” Glenn asked, because it sounded that way.
“Call it what you want, but it doesn't change the fact that you will come with us and co-operate. I have great use of you and your sister,” Caric replied. Glenn felt his nostrils flare and considered his chances of making it to the tent door and escaping.

“Your brain already noticed how odd it was I moved so fast. So you must know any attempt to escape would be foolish,” Caric said, seemingly reading Glenn's mind. Something Glenn severely hoped he wasn't capable of.
“Oh, and Rowan is similar to me, so trying to escape from him won't work either,” Caric quickly added as Glenn was leaving. He sent Caric a dirty look and walked, careful to hold Zoe properly. He'd never hear the end of it if she woke with a stiff neck or back.
“Are you going to explain what's going on?” Glenn finally asked, sending the stranger Caric called Rowan a suspicious glance. All Glenn got was silence, the man didn't even look at him or give any indication of having heard his words.
“I can't. I will tell you this much. You just met your birth father,” Rowan said, his voice emotionless as he spoke and led the way. Glenn paused mid-step with his mouth half-open and his throat growing dry.

“But, that's not poss-” Glenn began.
“I think you've both seen things tonight that are considered not possible. Now keep moving, or I'll have to knock you out too and carry you both,” Rowan said. Glenn snapped his mouth shut, resisted the urge to gulp and followed.

The End

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