Chapter Three part twoMature

“You have to be kidding me,” Zoe whispered to herself, rolling her eyes and trying to ignore the loud kissing and god knows what else sounds. She saw shadows in the cubicle next to hers and tried to hurry up. She did not want to witness sounds of that particular act.
“Your very forward,” the women said with a soft chuckle which the man echoed.
“I like what I like,” he replied and once again Zoe rolled her eyes. Really? How much more cliché could the guy get. She stood up to leave when she heard a shuffle.

“What are you-” whatever the women was going to say got cut off as a wail began, but the startings of the scream were interrupted by a sickly, snapping sound. Zoe felt her body freeze where she stood. Her blue eyes concentrated on the space between cubicles, waiting to see blood or something else leek into her cubicle, but none did. Zoe gulped down an unsteady breath and looked at her door and felt panic rise. Because there was now a shadow under her door. So much for having a piss Zoe thought in an attempt to calm herself. It didn't really work.
“I know your in there girl,” The man's voice said, making Zoe jump slightly. Zoe swore under her breath as she realised she'd just confirmed his words. How much dumber was she going to get today?

“I won't tell anyone,” Zoe said, knowing how pathetic she sounded. The man laughed.
“Maybe, but it's better if you come out and I ensure no one finds out myself,” He replied, all but confirming what was going to happen.
“I can break this door down and make it hurt, or you can come out and I'll make it fast,” The man continued, not making her feel the slightest bit better.
“Oh, well that's okay, at least it won't hurt. Nevermind the fact that you want to fucking kill me,” Zoe muttered under her breath. Again trying and failing to calm herself down with humour. She heard the man chuckle on the other side of the door, there was too much dark intent behind it and Zoe tried to think furiously of a way to get out of this.
“Fine, I'm coming out,” Zoe said, walking forward and reaching to undo the lock. She narrowed her eyes as she went over the plan in her head. The moment the lock snapped open she slammed, grateful the cubicle opened against the wall as she slammed the man against the tiles. She didn't bother to look back to see if she'd hurt him. She just ran, forcing one foot in front of the others, ignoring the burn in her lungs or muscles.

“Zoe!” Glenn yelled, meeting her by one of the rides, where it was well-lit and crowded. And much less likely to occupy a murderer.
“Are you okay?” Glenn asked, reading the panic on her face instantly. Zoe wanted to ask how he knew to look for her, but she already kind of guessed.
“No, no I am not. I just heard a girl get killed and was almost victim number two,” Zoe replied, trying to suppress the shaking. Glenn removed his hoodie and flung it over her, knowing she'd complain later that it smelt of sweat or some other icky boy smell.
“Let's get out of here,” Glenn muttered, wrapping an arm over her shoulder and leading the way. Zoe was grateful he was taking over, because her brain was still too frazzled by the craziness that just happened.

“Sorry, but I can't let you do that,” Zoe jumped at the familiar voice and raised her head to see a tall man blocking their way.
“Get out of the way,” Glenn said, walking around and shoving as he did. Zoe felt her breathing hitch. How could Glenn be so dumb as to aggravate the guy? Then she realised he had no clue who he was.
“Jarred, did you get yourself caught?” Another male voice asked, appearing in front of them. Zoe's eyes scanned the area around them and they realised they were being surrounded.
“Yeah, want to help me take these two away from eyes?” Jarred asked, trying to act like he didn't already have heaps of help in the matter.

“They're everywhere,” Zoe whispered to Glenn and he quickly clocked the approaching men, trying to act casual as they moved through the moving crowd of people. Zoe turned, at least wanting to know what the guy looked lie. Jarred had a nice face structure and blond hair, the sort of face a girl could fall for. And in this instance a girl had fallen for it, fallen dead.
“Stop,” a new voice said from behind the man called Jarred. Zoe moved her gaze to the guy and felt something stutter. That was the guy from before. She swore he had been watching her.
“Why should I?” Jarred replied, crossing his arms. Though Zoe noticed some of Jarred's friends beginning to retreat.

“Caric's orders. Complain to him, not me,” the new guy said, sounding tired and irritated. Jarred sent Zoe and Glenn a dark look that made it clear he'd be back and left. Zoe now focussed her attention on the guy. Feeling stuck between fear of the weirdo and thankful as he'd just saved them.
“Follow me, or Jarred gets his way,” He said, turning around. He didn't bother glancing back to see if they were following. Zoe looked behind and saw Jarred watching them from a distance. So the threat wasn't over yet. She grabbed Glenn's wrist and led the way, ignoring his protests.

The End

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