Chapter Three part oneMature

Chapter Three

Zoe tried not to take pleasure in how shocked Wendy looked staring at the exotic women named Mirabella. Luckily Zoe had never cared that much about her appearance, preferring to hide away in the library or her room than deal with people. Except Glenn of course, he was probably the only person in the world who really knew her.
“Guess you aren't the prettiest girl anymore,” Zoe muttered, causing Wendy to roll her eyes. But she kinda ruined it for herself when she went on to study the women. Zoe thought there was something curious about the intensity and that it didn't quite match jealously. She decided to leave it be, let the dumb blond do what she wants.

The man left the stage and when he returned he was carrying a simple bird cage. Inside there was a pure white dove perched, turning it head to the side as it watched the audience in cute innocence. Zoe wondered if it was going to be one of those tricks where they made it disappear when the man opened the cage releasing the bird. People in the front row raised there arms as the bird flew up and above them and landed somewhat unstably on one of the wooden counters. It quickly righted itself and let out a tweet sound.
Zoe didn't understand the point until Mirabella stepped forward and began to whistle in a pitch that matched the doves little tweets. The dove focussed its attention on Mirabella as if listening to instructions. Then it took off. Flying around the audience, dipping every so often to land on a table, stare at the audience members and took off again. It did this until it had landed on every table then it took off, heading in their direction.

But it didn't sit straight away, instead it hovered, turning its head from side to side as it studied her and Glenn. Zoe could see the Mirabella and the man on stage watching them carefully. Mirabella had stopped whistling now and even the people who had been chatting behind the bar had grown silent.
It let out another tweet and settled on the table, approaching Zoe cautiously. Zoe held out a finger and hoped the bird didn't bite it. Instead it hopped on and with little jumps climbed to her shoulder. She turned to the side to stare at the little creature, seeing intellect in its shiny eyes.
“Think it likes you,” Glenn said. The bird turned its attention to him when he spoke and flitted the distance between them, landing on his shoulder now. Glenn looked less happy about that.

“Better than fire,” Zoe teased, which earned her an annoyed look. Mirabella let out a small tweet and the bird returned to its cage.
“Thank you,” Mirabella said with a small nod. Zoe had expected more but she guessed being able to communicate with birds was a pretty awesome skill. Zoe watched as various people did odd things, some of which had to be otherworldly, she knew Glenn was sitting there trying to figure out the how. Eventually the last performers gave a low bow and it was over.
“Well, that was interesting, anyone up for candy floss?” Wendy said. Zoe sent her a look that couldn't have made the message “go away” clearer.

“Hey, I'm offering to buy losers, but I have grown bored of your company,” Wendy said, standing up and pulling on her designer jacket. She sent them a wave and left.
“Thank god for that,” Glenn muttered, making Zoe laugh.
“I think you hate her more than me,” Zoe replied, getting up herself and stretching a little. They left the tent and saw new fencing was up in the centre of the field and behind the line of fencing was a bonfire, waiting to be lit.
“Nice, fireworks show,” Glenn said.
“I better run to the bathroom before it starts then,” Zoe replied.
“I'll wait here for you,” Glenn said. Zoe ran off and found herself wondering where the toilets actually where. She walked past various rides and stands until she found a small building that must've been old. Apparently the carnival had decided to fix it up so that I was a decent set of toilets. Zoe wondered if that meant they planned to come back here once a year?

She headed to the cubicle at the far wall and sat down when the sound of the door opening reached her ears, along with moaning.

The End

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