Chapter Two part twoMature

“It's weird that people can do things like that,” He muttered and Zoe shrugged. She didn't not agree with him, but unlike Glenn with his scientific curiosity, Zoe was content to believe it was all magic.
Glenn expected the show to be over but the man went on to dunk the fire out in a barrel of water, now when he turned to watch the audience there was a grin. The kind that told Glenn he was about to do something that usually got a big response.
The man put the metal rod on the floor and moved to tie his unruly, shoulder-length brown hair back. Then he held out a hand, leaving the other at his side. He studied members of the audience carefully, his black eyes briefly pausing on Zoe. Glenn saw her shiver slightly under it, and based on her weird-out expression, not in a good way.

Then sparks began flying from his palm, forcing Glenn to blink and double-check what he was seeing. The amount increased and Glenn wondered if there was something attached to his wristband. From this angle it was hard to tell. Glenn glanced at the others watching and contemplated challenging the guy to remove his wristband and then pull of this strange feat. Glenn turned to meet the man's gaze head-on and the arrogance in it was enough for Glenn.
“Try it without the wristband on,” Glenn shouted, causing some people around him to gasp and stare at him. Including Zoe, who eyes had grown wide and were shifting between Glenn and the man very quickly. The man afforded Glenn a tight smile and chuckled.
“If you wish,” He replied, his voice gruff. The smile not reaching the muscles of his eyes as he pulled it off with unnecessary show and placed on the nearest table. Then the man resumed his place on stage. Only this time the sparks were a lot faster than before. And it looked like the man was actually concentrating. Glenn saw his eyes concentrate on him again, with something of a warning swimming in the black depths.

“Glenn!” Zoe yelled just as Glenn realised his shoulder had caught fire. He yelped and leaned back, falling off his chair. But when he moved to pat out the flame it was gone, and there was no apparent damage to the flame. The audience around him giving him a mix of dubious and annoyed looks, and a few sent glares. He turned to stare at the man, who held in his palm a small flame.
“It was a pleasure to entertain you all tonight,” He said, snapping his fingers and ending the fires light. He sent a grin towards Glenn over his shoulder, but it was a thin-lipped one.
“Are you okay?” Zoe asked, pulling Glenn from the man.
“I'm fine,” he replied. He stood up and stared at the tent entrance, seriously considering whether or not to leave.

“Really, cause you kind of made a fool of yourself just then,” a familiar voice drawled before taking the third seat at their table.
“I thought you couldn't come,” Zoe said, annoyance very much etching into her voice.
“I couldn't. Then I told my parents I was meeting friends here. Of course they followed me to the entrance of the tent and so I had to come and sit here. Would've been okay, except your dumb brother made a fool of himself. Undoubtedly my dad is questioning my choice in friends,” Wendy ranted, crossing her arms at the end of it to send Glenn a pointed look.
“You know your whole story is messed up in that, we aren't and never will be friends,” Glenn sneered. Wendy merely shrugged and turned to look at the stage.
“That means you've sat here, the rents are gone. Leave,” Zoe said.

“I like this spot, good view. And besides, not like you two will complain if I choose to buy the next round of drinks,” Wendy replied, not even turning to look at them. Glenn's lips formed a thin line and he felt a headache forming behind his eyes. This was meant to be a fun night out, it really wasn't heading in that direction anytime soon though.
“Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce you to the more than lovely, Mirabella,” The man from earlier spoke. They all watched as what had to be the most beautiful women in existence walked onto the stage.
“Hello everyone,” She said, her voice as smooth as honey, matching her unblemished caramel skin. The only make up she had on was to emphasis the brilliant emerald green of her eyes.

“I need to figure out where she got that dress,” Wendy murmured. The dress in question was a dark green, satin corset top that clung to her skin until the skirt where it flicked out at sharp angles made of differing green shades. Attached to the ends were silver and green feathers, the same type adorning her dark curls hair.
“What do you think she can do?” Zoe asked. Glenn honestly didn't know, but he suspected one skill she did have, was making straight men and gay women fall head over heels for her.

The End

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