Chapter Two part oneMature

Chapter Two

The first thing Glenn noticed was that as well as rides there were various tents, but the one most were heading towards had to be the biggest tent he'd ever seen. The bright colours had faded and at the bottom where it was pinned into the ground with metal poles it was stained with mud.
“Follow the crowd?” Glenn suggested once Zoe had paid the entry price for them both. Zoe followed his line of sight and shrugged.
“Don't see any reason not too,” she replied. So off they went. Once inside Glenn's nose was immediately assaulted by the smell of grass, alcohol and a few unwashed bodies. Inside were rustic wooden tables and chairs scattered about the place and a bar with counters made of the same wood.

“Don't usually get a decent bar with carnivals,” Zoe commented. At the far end of the tent was a platform where he assumed performance of some kind or another took place.
“Can I get you anything?” A male voice asked from behind the counter nearest them. Glenn turned to find its source to be a sandy-haired guy who wore a kid's grin.
“Just sprite for me thanks,” Zoe said, then she turned to grab one of the few free tables. Guess that left Glenn to bring the drinks.
“You?” The guy asked as he started the machine pouring into a glass. Glenn wondered why they didn't use plastic cups but then again this wasn't striking him as the usual travelling group.

“Coke, thanks,” Glenn replied, checking behind him to find Zoe was still in the same place, her eyes scanning everywhere around her carefully. Glenn knew something had been bothering her since school finished but she didn't seem open to talking yet. She laughed when people asked about a psychic twin bond, but that's because she didn't really feel it, only Glenn could sense when something was wrong for her. Like the dreams, he didn't know what their content were, but he knew when she was having one and woke up.
“There you go,” the guys voice dragged him from his thoughts. Glenn nodded his thanks, handed over the money and headed over to Zoe.
“Looks like we're came on time, whatever show they do here is about to start,” Zoe said before taking a drink. She obviously hadn't realised how thirsty she was as she then went on to gulp the whole thing. When she replaced the glass her eyes clocked something behind them and a small grin grew.

“The guy from the bar is watching you,” Zoe whispered. Glenn snorted and suppressed the urge to turn around and check for himself.
“Maybe he's never seen a guy wear make-up,” Glenn replied with a shrug.
“I think if you travelled lots, you'd see a lot of different people,” Zoe pointed out, her grin growing bigger and making Glenn roll his eyes.
“Don't you get all petulant, that guy is checking you out,” Zoe continued. Thankfully Glenn didn't have to put up with the torture much longer as the lights dimmed and somebody took the stage. The guy wasn't that much taller than Glenn but something about the way he carried himself demanded respect. He couldn't be past his late twenties but his eyes had a spark of wisdom you wouldn't expect.

“Hello and welcome ladies and gentleman, to the last night of our carnival,” the man began, his voice deeper than Glenn was expecting from his thinner frame. Glenn hadn't realised it was the last night, maybe that meant the show - whatever it was - would be better than the other nights?
“If any clowns come on that stage I'm leaving,” Glenn muttered, causing Zoe to choke on the gulp of sprite she'd just taken.
“That clown did not try to suffocate you at our sixth birthday,” Zoe finally replied when her coughing had calmed down. Glenn just chose to stare at the stage in curiosity. The first man didn't introduce himself and instead took a lightened metal rod from another member of the carnival.

“Oh, its one of these dudes, I've always wanted to see this sort of thing in person,” Zoe whispered excitedly, watching as the guy did a specified patterns of movements with the torch, before he leant back to place the fire-lit thing down his throat. Glenn chose to turn away from that part.

The End

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