Chapter One part twoMature

“You going to that thing too?” The voice from earlier asked from beside her.
“Go away Wendy,” Zoe said, folding the flyer and shoving it in the pocket of her jeans. She started to walk, trying to put distance between her and the school bitch, but was yanked back.
“I want to go too, but my parents won't let me go without someone. And my friends are all too boring to be interested,” Wendy said, her grey eyes studying her carefully. Zoe pulled her wrist free and sent an open glare.

“Well, maybe you should get new friends, if you know how to do so without using money and position,” Zoe replied. She didn't wait for Wendy's response and headed to her next class. Eventually the final bell went and Zoe waited outside on one of the benches for Glenn. His last lesson was physics, so she knew he'd probably be hanging back to talk about smart sciencey stuff with the teacher. She''d picked the bench out under the sun so she could feel its warmth soak into her skin and help her stay awake. The carnival thing didn't start till eight, so she could probably sneak a nap in when she got home if needed. Her eyes weren't staring at anything in particular when she clocked the guy studying her across the parking lot. She felt he lips part slightly as she took in the tall stranger.

Her blue eyes only met his chocolate ones for a split second, then he turned and left, not sending a glance back. Zoe stared at his retreating form with confusion and stood up, taking a step to follow him.
“Hey, sorry I took so long,” Glenn's voice interrupted her line of thought and she stopped, turning to see him sling his bag over his shoulder and pull out his car keys. He glanced at her and something in her expression must've seemed odd.
“Are you okay?” he asked, involuntarily Zoe felt her eyes scan where the guy had been, but no trace of him could be found.
“Nothing, just my eyes playing tricks on me,” Zoe muttered, trying to shake the image and weird trace from her mind. Once they were in the car and Zoe had reassured herself no mysterious man was following them on foot or in a car she pulled out the flyer for Glenn.
“Aren't we a little old for rides?” he asked with a laugh, handing it back to her having only glanced at it. Not wanting to ignore the road too long.
“Yeah, but its not just rides. Sure they'll be a clown or two there to freak you out,” Zoe replied with a laugh.

“I'm telling you, there are evil clowns. But fine, I feel like eating unhealthy stand food anyway,” Glenn said, dimples forming as he tried to fight back a smile and laugh of his own. Once they got back Zoe grabbed the nap and found herself restless. She was starting to wonder if the craziness of her dreams was beginning to bleed into real life. Being paranoid and thinking some guy was watching her? Then thinking he was following her, it was a little out there and she knew it. After feeling no change after having her eyes closed for twenty minutes she gave up and faced her wardrobe instead. Choosing a long jumper with a nice pattern, skinny jeans and her favourite pair of boots, big, black and leather. She wasn't that much of a fashion obsessed person, except when it came to boots. If there was a boot shop in her dead-end town then she'd go there every other day.

Zoe glanced at her set of drawers and decided to put some eye-shadow and gloss on. She wasn't a fan of make-up, but for some reason tonight felt important. If Glenn had any thought on her effort he didn't comment. Though based on the grin she suspected he had formed ideas already. Probably ones that involved non-existent guys. Glenn was the romantic out of them, while Zoe stuck to pessimism and never expected much from life. You'd think the more optimistic one would be better at handling their mother.
“I assume I want to keep heading to where the tacky carnival lights are shining?” Glenn asked as he took a right turn towards the fields near the wood. In the darkness with the bright, neon lights. The woods took on an otherworldly glow that Zoe thought was somewhere between creepy and magical.

“Well, this was your idea, ready?” Glenn asked. Zoe nodded, trying to feel genuine enthusiasm. After the last two months of crazy dreams and feeling of general displacement, things had to start looking up for them. Soon they'd finish college and Glenn would go to university while Zoe launched into work. Normal life would return and the dreams would stop.

The End

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