Chapter One part oneMature

Chapter One

Zoe woke with a start, clutching her chest as she gulped shaky breaths down. Her eyes were swimming and she suspected it was because of the dream. The same dream since her eighteenth birthday two months ago. She peeled the sticky sheets from her sweaty body and fired up the shower, not caring that the water was still cold, letting the shock of it wake her up fully. Once she was dressed she thought to glance at the clock and released a sigh. She'd also been waking up impossibly early for two months. It was no surprise bags decorated her eyes so often. Though thankfully no one had commented on them. Zoe glanced at her reflection and tried not to think too much about how alike she and that women were in appearance. At this point she could only recall the stars and lights of the skyscrapers. Wherever that women was, it was some big city and no where near Zoe. She shook away thoughts of the dream and headed downstairs. She hadn't bothered to eat dinner, so she was sure as hell eating breakfast.

“You're up early, again,” Glenn said, stopping Zoe mid-step on the stairs. She turned to see him standing in his doorway, wiping sleep from his eyes. They were never the type of twins to share some weird physic connection, but for some odd reason he was being woken up when she was, only he didn't recall any weird dream.
“Want me to make your breakfast too?” Zoe offered as an attempt to make up. He nodded as he failed to beat a yawn. Glenn headed to the bathroom and Zoe invaded the kitchen. Popping bread into the toaster and nabbing a tin of beans. The only plus was they finally had enough time in the mornings to eat something, usually the most important meal of the day got skipped.
“Do you know where mum is?” Glenn asked as he grabbed a popped slice of toast and attacked it with butter.

“She called last night, she's going to be away a few more days,” Zoe replied with a defeated sigh. Glenn just let out a gruff laugh, as if he wasn't surprised, which Zoe figured he wouldn't be. They're mother was never around, Zoe and Glenn practically raised each other.
“Ready for another day of college education?” Zoe asked as she poured beans over her bread, she didn't bother to butter it beforehand.
“Can't wait,” Glenn murmured half-heartedly, choosing to skip the beans and just have his slice of toast.

“Look at the goth twins.” Zoe didn't justify the red lipsticked snob with an answer and kept walking, grabbing Glenn's shoulder as she did.
“Don't lower yourself to her level,” Zoe whispered. The goth remarks were nothing new, they were both pale despite it being summer with black hair and blue eyes. Though Glenn was the one who wore eye-liner, not her. It amazed Zoe that their mother hadn't yet figured out that Glenn was gay. But then Glenn didn't really bother talking to mum when she was around. Zoe at least attempted to be civil. At the end of the day the women did pay the bills, even if she never used the house and preferred staying in hotels. They split up for they're respective first classes and tried to concentrate with what few hours of sleep they had.

“Did you hear about the new carnival that's in town for the week? Don't know about you but I'm going,” The girl behind Zoe whispered to her partner. She heard similar conversations around her and wondered if it was actually any good. She and Glenn could probably use some time outside of the stuffy house. As if she needed further reason for making her choice she found a flyer taped to the wall as she left her first class. She glanced at the tacky fonts and pictures and noted the opening times to memory. Then prepared herself for the rest of the day, hoping Glenn wasn't struggling to stay awake.

The End

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