Blood Carnival - NaNo '12Mature

Here's 2012 NaNoWriMo. I hit 50k!!!!! c:


The girl shuddered and pulled her jacket tighter round her form, but it wouldn't make any difference or stop the steady flow of blood from her side. She'd reached the point where the pain of the cold and blood-loss no longer touched her. Just raw numbness and a weakness that made every gasp of breath burn like fire down her throat. She forced herself to take another step and felt the air fly around her as she slipped on a patch of ice. She barely felt the impact or the snow that now glistened on her skin and in her pitch black hair. Her pale blue eyes glanced upwards and took in the stars above. She didn't fear death when it finally took her. She just sent one last wish to the ethereal lights above. That they would protect the next after her.

The End

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