The Beginning of the End.Mature


Though no girl who is blood bound ever wants to actually accept it and voluntarily do the usual traditions of the whole bound exchange the more they resisted the more their  men treated them like pieces of meat. So, before school I managed to sneak out of the house to get to the mall right as it opened and buy this little black dress. Normally I hate dresses, but this one completely caught my eye and if I wasn't wearing it for probably my last day as being human or alive for that matter I probably would have worn it for every special occasion. It falls just above my knees, with an empire waist, heart shaped bodice and halter top straps. Then I managed to find some dark red jewelry; necklace, bracelet, earrings and even a nose stud for my piercing.

        No, I was not happy about any of this, the entire time while I was in the mall I wanted to just run and hide hoping that my bounder would never find me away from Mercy. So instead of doing the impossible and pointless I tried to focus on the few good points, I was getting this amazing dress instead of having to wear the old, old traditional dresses back from the 1920's.

       School was no different really; people avoided looking at me when I looked up even though I felt their eyes practically burning holes in my clothes when I had my head down. As usual the final bell sounded my permanent release from this place.

        At home I refused to face my mother and father as I continued to do the usual traditions. It was awkward being able to hear my parents arguing downstairs about the short view hours. With the new more modern traditions there was a lot of preparation; painting nails black, hair styled to expose one side of the neck, and make up done almost flawlessly. In the old days when this first started apparently it was made tradition so that they vampire men would keep their women around longer, and find them more desirable upon the first meeting. Most girls who have been blood bound have actually tried to make themselves look horrible and have ended up in worst places then stuck with a vampire. 

                It was about half an hour till sun down and my end was coming extremely near.  My long, dark red hair was pulled off the right shoulder, exposing the left side of my neck and the red gemmed jewelry close around my throat. The fact that I was being so calm about all of this was starting to freak me out a bit, typically people are crying and hysterical. But I guess I am just no like typical people. Longingly I looked at the dress lying on my bed, wishing that this would not be the one and last time that I would wear it.


The End

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