Eternity Knocking.Mature


              Everything had to be perfect before he left. Her room needed to be completely decorated to his standards. There was going to be no flaws in anything if he could help it. He had an image to uphold. With only a few hours left he had Mason getting everything up to her room, Miranda; his father's newest flame was working on arranging everything inside the room, and of course James Daniels his father was supervising everything with an approving smile.

       "The bed is supposed to go over against the left wall Mason, not the center of the room." Miranda said placing her hand on her hip and rolling her eyes at him with clear frustration.

        Miranda looks about 24 years old with a slim build, and curly blond hair down to the middle of her back and eyes that were once a bright jade green now dark brown that almost looks black. She is definitely something to look at, well porportioned in every phyical feature althought how could she not be? Only the best for James. Miranda was a dancer in 1880 during the Barkerville Gold Rush looking for a pioneer to get rich quick and marry her, unfortunately the one guy who did wound up nearly killing her because his employees took off with his riches. All in all, a great woman, the only woman that has kept James occupied for the last 130 years.

          Logan kept looking at his wrist watch waiting for the alarm to sound so that he could go and get Rylee, to finally, offically meet her.

The End

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