I sighed as I walked into the house, shutting the heavy front door behind me. Being home felt so good, the familiar smell of vanilla, fresh flowers, and apple Lysol. Country music was blasting through the bottom floor; my mother is home early. I walked through the cluttered living room and into the kitchen, right away I saw the quarter empty bottle of vodka sitting on the light brown kitchen table.

              “Mom,” I called out taking the bottle and putting it back in the cupboard above the refrigerator.

  Her auburn colored hair came tearing down the stairs, her face was stained with tears, her mascara smudged all over her face. I caught her in my arms as she threw her arm around my neck holding me tight.

                “What’s wrong?”

                She ignored my question pulling back to look at me. “I want you to do something for me Rylee. I want you to at least consider this as an option for you.”

                I looked at her, very confused but willing to make whatever was wrong with her better. I nodded and my mother opened her hand to a variety of different colored and shaped pills. My jaw dropped and I slapped her open palm down, letting the pills fall down to the floor.

                “I am not going to kill myself!” I exclaimed backing away out of her arms.

                The tears reappeared in my mother’s eyes, she started blubbering, “Please, Rylee I’d rather lose you this way then lose you to vampires!” my mother was getting hysterical, she was close to near hyperventilation.

                “No, I can’t believe you’d even suggest it mom!”

                “You are my only daughter, I won’t be able to sleep at night knowing that your father and I gave you up to immortal leeches” her face distorted to show her pure disgust.

                “Forget it, they aren’t taking me, I promise, and if they do, I won’t be there long. I’ll kill myself after the first day if I have to. Okay? Now you better go for a run and work off that alcohol before dad gets home and sees what a mess you are.”

                My mother whipped nervously at her eyes again, and nodded. “I love you Ry.”

I pulled her into a tight comforting hug, “I love you too momma.”

            After that talk with my mother I had no real incliniation to go downstairs and eat. My father came upstairs to talk to me about what my mother suggested and highly disagreed with the way she brought it up but he isn't very willing to let me just go off in the morning to my death. For any father I think it would be hard to see their only child walk away with her possible murders. Unfortunately he stayed quiet calm and collected about the whole thing. Daniel Jacob Morgan has never been the type of person to show his emotions about anything, and that conversation was no exception. Finally at about 9 pm he left me alone. Only 20 hours until tomorrow's sunset.

            I took a long, hot shower before I decided to finally climb into bed, by that time it was about 3 am; 14 more hours. I put on a pair of black sweat pants and my favorite red graphice t-shirt before climbing under my navy blue comforter and snuggling in. It was stupid to think that I would just instantly fall asleep, so instead I just stared at my cieling letting memories of my friends and family run wildly through my mind.

           The count down is on, might as well remember the good times.

The End

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