The Sick StalkerMature



       He leaned against the cold glass window of the girl's window. He couldn't help it, he had to see her again, and his need was almost desperate. Anything that he could find out about her before she was forced to join her would have been highly welcomed. Rylee, his Rylee the girl he was bound by blood to be with forever. Logan definitely had to agree with his mother that she was beautiful, straight jet black hair that falls just below her shoulders, bangs covering half of her forehead, a creamy complexion, a pair of silvery blue eyes surrounded by a thick frame of dark lashes. Every time Logan even got a glace at those eyes they looked sad, like she was harboring a lifetime of hardships, but Rylee always carried herself with confidence and a sexy fierceness.

Rylee tossed her hair over her shoulder, grabbed a notebook off her bed and disappeared through her door.

"Logan you sick stalker! Can we go home now? You've seen her, let’s book it; Dad said he didn't want us to be long.”Mason, Logan's brother yelled from the backyard.

Logan rolled his eyes and jumped, landing gracefully on his feet. Mason crossed his arms over his chest then shook his head making his short light brown hair shake slightly.


"Show off."


Logan grinned and shrugged, "Lets just go, the sooner we get all this family shit out of the way the sooner I can come back here."

Mason turned with Logan and started walking towards the front yard of Rylee's house.


"You really are sick you know that? You'll see her tomorrow night, can't you wait that long?"

Logan rolled his eyes, "Mason, your girl is barely out of diapers yet, when she gets to be close to seventeen you'll want to get to know her too. Do you really want--what is her name again?"


Mason’s narrowed his eyes, "Abigail,"


"Right, do you really want Abigail to show up and you standing there looking like an idiot because you don't know a thing about her?"


"I'd rather get to know her from HER rather then snooping around." Mason shot back as they reached their black Ford truck. Logan started the truck, watching Rylee's disappearing figure. He fought a great need to follow her.


"Mason, when they have been forced away from everyone they love, they aren't really too open about their lives." Logan put the truck in drive and backed up before pulling into the empty street back towards home. The nagging in the back of his mind, how would she react to him? Obviously living in Mercy she knew what he is, but that wasn’t the concern. More whether she could look at him as a person, not as just a vampire, and if she could eventually learn love him.

The End

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