Recovered MemoriesMature


                Floods of memories crowded my vision, running almost in a sequence. Everything was slowly fitting into place, starting to make sence. I could remember. I could remember the day I became bound to Logan.

              I was just 4 years old when I was bound. It was winter, just after Christmas after a huge snowfall. There was a car accident when my parents and I were coming home from visiting my aunt and uncle. Our car drove off an icy bridge and into a freezing river. The feel of the icy cold water biting at my toes is what woke me up from my sleep, my head was hurting, my mom and dad weren't in the car anymore. I was paralyzed with fear only enough to let out a good loud scream that pierced my own ears. Then there was the horrbile sound of tearing metal and a man with silvery blue eyes pushed his way into the car ripping open my seat belt. He took me in his arms and rushed me out of the car onto shore. It was so cold I remember his face being blurred by the foggy air coming from my breath. The only thing that I could see were his eyes before everything around me went black.

            Days apparently rolled by, I was back at home with only a few stitches above my left eye. I was back to being the happy, bouncy child that I always was. I was playing upstairs in my room when my dad came in with a disgusted look on his face, two men were behind him. Even in my child mind I immediately recognized the eyes of the man from the accident. I hid behind my father's leg until he pulled me out in front of him and sat me on his lap. He whispered quitely in my ear for me to be good that it would only take a second. The older male pulled out a small needle with red liquid in it. Carefully he removed the plastic safety tip and flicked it a few times then he reached forward and took my right arm. Without only a small comforting smile and no warning the man put then needle into my arm and pushed the trigger down sending the liquid into my body. I cringed into my father from the pain. I remember hearing the younger man inhaled sharply as he did.

          Suddenly the pain from the needle wasn't in my arm, it was against the side of my neck. My eyes lifted open to see a blond girl with large, stormy gray-ish blue eyes. She was focusing intently on my neck, and was tabbing something cold against my wound. I jerked away from her.

"That isn't going to help anything. I'm not going to hurt you and I'm not one of them. I'm like you." the girl said gently pulling her hair to the right side of her neck, exposing the left side so I could see a faint scar on her creamy complexion.  "My name is Alexis Daniels. How are you feeling?" 

       My hand rested against the side of my neck, it still hurt but I couldn't feel any dry blood or anything. I felt....out of body in a way. Like a part of my mind was somewhere else in the building with emotions of its own. I opened that part of my mind up and I got a huge rush of emotions crowded into my brain. Anxiety, worry, fear, jealousy, hope, impatience, and longing. These feelings were not my own and they gave me a strong, nagging headache.I shook my head as my eyes squinted from the pain.

        "No, my head is killing me right now." Alexis reached into the pocket of her white skinny jeans and pulled out a two red tylenol pills and handed them to me.

        "Yeah, that tends to happen when the bond first starts settling in. Everything Logan is feeling about having you here right now will be coming through loud and clear now that you've opened that door. It does go away, or at least dies down if you learn to control it. That won't be the only thing that will be...different about this. There may be times when you and Logan may exchange memory clips without even realizing it."  

         If my eyes weren't as huge as dinner plates, they should have been. After 13 years of never being able to remember anything about how I even got bound I wake up in a strange house to find a girl with the exact same experience being all chill about it and explaining everything to me. How could this get any weirder?

         Alexis had paused, holding her hand out for me to take the tylenol still. "Come on, take them, they'll numb some of this while I explain. The sooner the better. It will freak you out less when it happens if you know what is happening." she raised a perfectly shaped eye brow at me, and darted her eyes between the pills and me.I took the pills from her and quickly popped them into my mouth with a fast dry swallow gulp.


The End

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