Miranda sat in the backseat with me on the way back with the unconscious Rylee between us Miranda seemed to be examining her closer now. Rylee had been unconscious since we left her house which worried me because I realized that I took far too much blood from her, but now in the back seat with her leaning against me Half of Rylee’s face was hidden by her thick black hair, her lashes casting even darker shadows on her cheeks and her usually rosy cheeks were pale because of the amount of blood I took from her.

“She’s different than I expected her to be,” Miranda noted tilting her head slightly to the right. “There wasn’t much fight, like she accepted it in ways others never have before.”

               “Is that a bad thing?” I muttered, trying not to disturb Rylee.

           Miranda shook her head once, "Not at all it made it easier for us, I'm just curious to see if this will last. Maybe she wont have to be expendable like many like her."

            I winced slightly at her words everyone knew what happened to bound girls if they did not co-operate-death. Rylee was different than other bound girls I had encountered in my lifetime. I couldn't put my finger on exactly what it was but there was something different in her eyes that made me believe that she was different and wouldn't have to suffer the horrible fate that she could've easily faced with any other family like mine. In the back of my mind in knew for a fact that if she did start being like the others that James would not have any problem getting rid of her if she became too much to handle.   

             No one spoke the rest of the ride back to my house. Everyone had the same thoughts on their mind. Mason was eager to get back to his bound girl Alexis, he was constantly getting a distant stare as if checking through the bond how she was feeling. Every once in a while Rylee would make a soft little sigh or grunt at least giving me reassurance that she was okay.

           The driveway to my house was long and narrow with a sharp curve at the end hiding my house behind a thick wall of trees. It was comforting more so than depressing to drive down this time. This simple drive to my two storey house was the start of something entirely new in my immortal life. This usually dark and deary place of self hatred and loathing seemed almost like a new building glowing with possibilities opening ahead of me. The off-white paint, the light gray trim of the windows and the dark gray of the front door seemed to be brighter, more modern in a strange way. Even the trees seemed to have more life and energy in their waving branches. With Rylee here I could somehow picture this place truly becoming a home if she accepted me.

         James pulled up close to the front stairs and quickly found his way to my door to open it for me. Carefully I slid my arms around Rylee and managed to slide carry her out of the truck and up the front stairs. Mason was already in a tight embrace with Alexis. She broke their moment short when I got to the top of the stairs with Rylee. Without even a word Mason opened the front door, walking his way through the right and upstairs to her designated bedroom with Alexis close behind me.Mason turned on Rylee's light as we walked in, exposing the rich, blue color of the walls and the modern decor. As gently as I could without moving her too much I finally put Rylee down on her bed against the right hand wall. Alexis closed the door quietly behind her and came over to my side only observing.

Alexis was Mason's bound girl that he took as his wife about 2 years after they re-connected their bond. She stood at a typical height of 5'7, a skinny hourglass figure with shoulder length wavy, naturally bleech blond hair to match her soft, creamy complex and rosy cheeks that only heightened the color of her stormy colored blue/gray eyes. Alexis was one of those girls who had a bit of a temper and an attitude if provoked with a heart of gold to equally balance everything out. Mason had gotten lucky with her; she only resisted for the first little while until he finally convinced her that he 'legitly' wasn't that horrible of a person-alive or undead. Ever since I met her she'd had a strong will for anything she really set her mind to, even if it meant staying with Mason instead of going back to her family. Their connection was stronger than many others I'd seen in my lifetime, it wasn't just about the blood, or the bond they truly loved each other. A lot of these reasons became why I wanted Alexis' help in adjusting Rylee to this Since she was the last member really admitted to the 'family' and our latest Blood Bound girl for a while it seemed fitting.

"You screwed up," Alexis said finally breaking the long and drawn out silence of just watching Rylee re-adjust herself on the bed. "She's really pale, you took too much."

I took a few steps forward and ever so slightly leaned down on to the bed beside Rylee. "I am aware of that thank you. Can you just clean her up a bit? I'm not sure when she'll wake up, she was making more noises the closer we got to here. Just make sure you're actually here when she gets up. She was easy to take, I'm not sure if she'll take the chance of running."

Alexis nodded in understanding as Mason slid into her side. "Yeah I know. Rylee may need a few explanations. Just go get her something to bring her blood back up, something sugary I guess."

With one last look at Rylee's pale complexion I nodded and stood slowly, quickly turning away from her too frightened to trust myself with another look at my own stupid lack of self control. Mason looked at Alexis with his ususal intense stare like they were having their own mental conversation then kissed her forehead and released his hold on her. Alexis smiled at him as he left the room in front of me. For the first time I felt a strong pang of jealousy towards Mason. He got Alexis so easily and they were so indescribably perfect together. The uncertainty of my standing with Rylee made me uneasy and anxious just to see how she would react to all of these changes. Until she woke up, until I could feel her side of the bond, until I could see in her eyes how she feels there will be that slight doubt in my mind that at any moment, she could just disapear.

The End

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