The night was miserable as we left the house, pouring down rain in straight down sheets and wind that could have knocked a vehicle over with the right gust. Of course this made it somewhat easier to get into the truck before sundown. Maybe it wouldn't be raining where she was, only about half of Mercy seemed to be hit by the horrible storm.

      Why am I feeling so nervous? I exclaimed frustrating in my head.

        Ever since my creation and the time I was bound with Rylee the traditions and things to expect were drilled into my brain almost as if a second nature. Go to her house, 'glamour' the parents, open the original bonding wound, exchanged blood to seal the bond and leave with the girl making the parents forget anything of our entrace.

        Though it was no entirely necessary for men of my kind to dress up for this particular occasion I felt like I had to show her some respect to make myself presentable upon our first meeting so that she did not think of me as well, the murderous monster that I by nature am. I put on a dark blue button up dress shirt and black straight legged dress pants. A few minutes after I felt myself presentable my brother called me downstairs.

       Short minutes later we were driving into the quickly growing darkness of clouds and rain towards Rylee's house.


     My brother, father and Miranda went in before I did. Miranda knew how to get into the female mind in order to get what she wanted if Rylee wasn't willing to come. Mason and my father were dealing with Rylee's parents on the couch, making them calm and glamouring their minds so that they both had a blank stare on their faces. Impatiently I stood waiting and listening attentively at the bottom of the staircase waiting for Miranda to come down with her.

     "Logan hunny, I think its time you met someone," Miranda's voice cooed gently as she came into my line of sight around the corner. On her right arm was pale hand, slowly Rylee came into my full view. My throat involuntarily tightened at the sight of her. Her long, flowing curly dark red hair fell down her right shoulder exposing the left side of her neck and the red gemmed jewlery she wore around her neck. A simply elegant black haulter dress that hugged each of her usual hidden curves graciously and afectionly close to her skin. The most gorgeous eyes almost always filled with saddness seemed to glow from her radiant fair skin and deep smokeyness of her make-up, she looked slightly taken back or surprised as she looked me over as I was doing with her. Never in all my years mortal or vampire has a woman captured my attention so quickly, suddenly and entirely. I was gripped by this...need to make her happy and to accept me.



             My bags were packed with my favorite outfits, books, pictures and other things that I couldn't really live without. My dress was on; fitting unusually snuggly then what I am used to and seemed to compliment everything else about me right now. There was a knock downstairs at the front door and then completely silence. I wasn't sure if my parents had answered it or not but I was frozen with fear where I stood. My breathing stopped, listening intensly for any sound of some kind downstairs until there was a knock at my bedroom door a beautiful blond with straight hair, green eyes, long black sleeved shirt, a pair of ripped jeans and purple stilletos.

           "Hello Rylee, my name is Miranda. Would you come with my please dear?"

            There was a huge lump in my throat, which I tried to fix with a quick nod of my head. I reached for my bag, Mirand's hand touched mine.

           "Don't worry about that right now, I'm sure one of my well trained men will do that for you." she smiled cheerfully. Not a fake cheerful, actual sincere. She took my left hand wrapping it through her arm and started calmly urging me out of my bedroom towards the stairs.

           At the top of the stairs another smile crossed Miranda's face, "Logan hunny, I think its time you met someone," A moment later I saw this Logan character. My heart thuded in my chest loudly enough for me to hear it in my ears. Amazingly it wasn't fear that caused my heart to do that, it was looking at him. His short spiked up brown colored hair, strong jaw, even pale pink lips, and chocolate colored brown eyes. This Logan had a very nicely defined body, strong muscular arms, broad shoulders to match a powerful firm looking chest even through his navy blue dress shirt. The way he looked at me while Miranda was walking me down the stairs was...different than how I thought he'd look. Like he was impressed almost amazed at the sight of me. Never in my life had a guy, vampire or not looked at me like that all my knowledge was coming from books and movies I had seen.

            With every fibre of my being I wished I could just hate him, hate him and make him want me dead. To be able to use all the words and things my parents had taught me about vampires but no sound would come out, I felt that I would be lucky if I could remember my own name looking into those gorgeously perfect eyes. Miranda grabbed Logan's left hand and placed my left in his, she smiled proudly again and moved away.

            "We'll give you two some privacy to get this part done. James, Mason come."

             These two men standing in front of my blank eyed parents nodded. The older one wrapped his arm around Miranda's waist glacing quickly at me then turing back to Miranda. The younger of the two looked at me, his jaw slipping slightly just before I saw him correct his mistake, he quickened his pace up to Miranda and the older one. Faintly I heard him whisper,

             "No way we have the right house, that girl is too....girly to be his Rylee."

     Logan glared after the younger one then looked down at our hands. Slowly and very gently he brought my hand up to his face and kissed the back of my hand.

       "Nice to finally meet you Rylee, it's been too long."

I forced a smile and nodded my head stiffly once. The room was dead silent now, my parents were nowhere to be seen and the other vampires had left. My heart suddenly started beating faster, I knew that they next part of the ritual was opening a new bounding wound to permanently tie the bond between the mortal and the vampire. Mentally I was started to finally feel that fight or flight urge, not that I could’ve out run him or the other anyways.

“Will you two hurry up? Not all of us want to wait around all night,” the voice of the younger looking vampire exclaimed sounding clearly irritated. Logan turned his shoulders slightly towards the door with a hostile glare.

“The quicker you do this the quicker we can leave,” I said in a dull monotone. The longer I stood there the more I wanted to run, or regret that I didn’t take the pills that my mother offered me. Logan looked at me dumbfounded then took a slow step towards me. Every part of my body felt frozen in place as he edged his body closer to mine. I could feel his chilled fingertips lightly drifting up my arms to my shoulder. His handsome face moved in the bare hollow of my neck, his breathing was even and warm against my skin, there was a slight smell of cologne on him. My eyes closed waiting for the pain to begin, to feel the canine teeth breech my skin and start drinking blood from my veins. Instead I felt the gently pressure of his lips against the side of my neck, I was so caught off guard that I let out the breath that I’d been holding in apparently.

“I promise that it won’t hurt too much, just a quick prick. Like a needle.” His voice was smooth and relaxing as he spoke my eyes even closed both from fear and how tranquil his voice was. A second later I felt the pierce of his teeth sliding into my flesh and blood start leaving my body. It was the weirdest sensation of pleasure and pain at the same time. My knee buckled, my arms went limp and I leaned into Logan for support. He pulled his head back and held me tight against his chest before picking up my legs and carrying me. My head was swimming, I felt like I was on the borderline of consciousness suddenly I was hit with a chilled wave of autumn air before everything collapsed into black.

The End

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