Blood BoundMature


        The sun came shining through my window unfortunately giving way to a new day. I let out a heavy sigh, unwilling to get ready for yet another day of isolation, averted eyes, and the eerie whispers of every student in my high school. When you've been promised to a vampire from birth people tend to be very cautious about you. In my town of Mercy, there aren't many who are Bound to vampires.  A few years ago there were 3, me and two other girls. They were a few years older than I was at the time; they both killed themselves before they turned 17. Tomorrow I would be 17, this supposed vampire I am bound to will show up and take me away from my family.

 Take a deep breath

Walk in those doors

Head held high

Pretend you don't hear the whispers

Hold that breath

Till the final bell announces

The End to your freedom

And the Beginning of your Eternity

        Not the best thing I've ever written but its definitely something to help me get through tomorrow. My parents had already gone to work when I left for the school bus in the morning; I was actually really relieved my mother has been in denial about this whole thing. She hasn't said more than 2 words to me in the last week because of it. My dad, well my dad is more accepting than mom, but he for sure isn't happy about giving his only daughter away to a bunch of 'leeches'.

My name is Rylee Alicia Morgan and I am Bound for Eternity to a vampire.



The End

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