Blood- Chapter 7Mature

Gramtag pounded the ground in fury. He had failed to kill the boy. Pulling the knife from his flesh, Gramtag stood and stalked off into the rain. He had to discover where the boy had gone, he had to redeem himself.

But if he failed again, he would be severely punished. Maybe he should just wait, go and find the boy’s home and keep watch over him. He didn’t need to kill him yet. The identity of the man who had rescued him must be discovered as well. He would have to die for his troubles.


James left Steve’s shop, shaken. How was he descended from vampire hunters? Vampires weren’t real. Although Steve’s explanation was very convincing, what else could be killing people in such ways?

As he strolled down the street, rain pelted him, soaking him through within seconds. James ploughed on, too stressed over the conversation with Steve. A frown creased his forehead, his thoughts raged through his head, incomprehensible to him.

He heard the sound of wheels moving along the road, spraying rainwater up into the air. He jumped back as the bike skidded to a halt, throwing the water of a puddle at the spot where James had been standing. Bobby smirked at him through the rain.

“Need a bar mate?”

“Sure”. James moved over and sat on the bar in front of Bobby. Bobby pushed off again, and began cycling towards James’ house.

As they moved through the sheets of rain, almost all visibility was lost. They knew the way, having cycled it many times before. Upon reaching the top of James’ road, they spotted Matty on the corner, his head turned up to the skies, a large smile on his face.

“It’s the storm, the vampires are almost here” he yelled, and danced around in a circle. He spotted them then, and ran off into the rain.

“Freak” Bobby said.

They soon pulled up outside James’ house and they rushed inside.


“So, Steve reckons you are some sort of legendary vampire hunter?” Bobby asked.

“No, he said I am descended from some legendary vampire hunters, and he wants me to take up their mantle and defeat what he says are vampires attacking our town”.


“I don’t know whether to believe him, or to report him to a mental institution”.

“Why not go along with it for now? See what happens. Worst comes to worst, he trains you to be a kick ass fighter”.

James nodded. “Okay, I will. But you are my new sidekick”.

Bobby laughed hard, then nodded his head.

“Alright mate, I’ll be your sidekick”.

“There is one other thing....”

“Yeah mate, what is it?”

“Just before Steve picked me up, this guy attacked me in the rain. Steve said he was a vampire”.

“Could have just been some random crazy fucker...”


Gramtag sprinted through the town, looking for a vessel to vent his anger on. He rounded a corner and ran straight into Dreyo.

“Report Gramtag”.

“Yes sir”, Gramtag said, gathering himself, “I made an attack on the boy while he was alone wandering in the rain”.


“H-he got away”.

“Did he learn what you are?”


“How did he escape?”

“A man arrived in a car and took him away”.

“Who was this man?”

“I do not know, I am trying to find him now”.

“Gramtag, I hope you realise what it will mean for you if that man was one of the Silver Falcons?”

“I know, I will face whatever punishment comes my way if that is the case”.

Gramtag took his knife from its sheath, licked the blade clean and turned to hunt again.

“Gramtag”, he turned, “The time is almost here”.

Gramtag nodded, Dreyo vanished in the blink of an eye. Setting off, knife in hand, Gramtag’s anger returned.

The End

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