Blood- Chapter 6Mature

Steve drove in silence, eyes forward, not even glancing at James. A dark look caressed his face, a knowing look.

“Steve, who the fuck was that? I know you know”.

“I’ll explain everything once we get somewhere safe”.


“Not now James”, Steve cut in angrily. He stamped on the accelerator, cutting corners and speeding down the straights. They soon came to a screeching halt outside Steve’s shop, and they hurried inside. Steve went straight into the back of the shop, pulled back a rug on the floor and lifted up a hidden trapdoor. He ushered James down it, and followed, slamming it shut behind them.

He threw James down into a seat, and began pacing back and forth angrily, constantly muttering to himself.

“No way, there is just no way. They were all bound and banished, all of them. And there hadn’t been that many left. It just can’t be true”.

“What can’t be true Steve?”

Steve turned and stared at James. He pulled a chair over and sat down.

“Do you know what your great-grandfather was when he was young?”

“He-he worked somewhere in the town. My dad never said before he died”.

“He did work in the town, yes. But that was not his only job, if you could call it a job. Your grandfather, with the help of my grandfather, hunted and killed vampires”.

“You’re fucking joking right?”

“I am not. Your great-grandfather was a vampire hunter, the best. My grandfather was only his helper, his sidekick if you will. They formed an order, known as The Silver Falcons. They fought a war against the vampires who were controlling the world. They beat them, and banished them. A prophecy was made predicting the return of the vampires. It also stated that a descendent of your great grandfather must lead the battle against them, and that a descendent of my grandfather must aid him. The Silver Falcons must return again it had said. So the knowledge was passed down throw my family so we would be aware of our duties, and so we could inform your family. We had thought the prophecy was wrong, it has been so long, but now, it looks as if it has come true. You must stop them James, no one else can”.

“You can’t be fucking serious. Vampires don’t exist. And I couldn’t fight them if they did. I know nothing about war or battles”. As he said it, James remembered Matty’s claim that vampires were killing people. That freak couldn’t have been right.

“Think about it James, a flurry of murders in a town which has never even seen one, every victim drained of blood, the guy following you and the attack today. I bet you have been having dreams? That is part of the prophecy too”.

James shuddered at the mention of dreams. He had been dreaming, he remembered them all too vividly. And the recent murders had been extremely extraordinary.

“As for the fighting, that is why I am here, I shall have to coach you, and aid you. We need to resurrect The Silver Falcons”.


“James, you have no choice. It is your destiny”.

The End

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