Blood- Chapter 5Mature

James woke with a sheen of sweat covering his body. The nightmares had been worse this time. The people chasing him had caught him again, but this time they not only bit into his neck, they ripped his head off.

He headed to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. His face was drawn and gaunt, his eyes bloodshot. James threw water on his face, cooling himself off. He sighed, and then went to get dressed.

When he reached the kitchen, the news was on. James glanced at the headline. It was another murder.

Woman brutally murdered. Body found among trees in the park. Another murder for formerly quiet town.

“Another one? What the fuck is going on?” James said.

“Obviously some crazy fucker is killing everyone”, Jenny said as she entered the kitchen. Jenny shared James’ blonde hair and blue eyes. She was two years younger than he was.

“I know that, I mean why?”

“How the fuck should I know?”

“Shut up”.

James grabbed some toast and sat down in silence.




The storm was descending quickly overhead as James cycled towards the warehouse. Bobby, George and the girls were already there. He pulled up outside the huge iron gates and pushed one open. It swung in with a loud creaking. James hopped off his bike and went over to the building proper. He pulled back the sliding door and wheeled his bike through.

The warehouse was abandoned and pretty much run down. Some of the windows were broken, a number of planks were scattered about and several old vehicles. James and his friends were attempting to turn it into a hideout. They had already brought in a mini-oven and a mini-fridge, along with several beanbags and a small television.

The door slid closed again behind him and he placed his bike against the wall. Katie ran over to him and threw her arms around his neck. Her lips pressed against his and he placed his arms on the small of her back.

“Get a room”, Bobby yelled from his position in the rafters. James laughed and looked up at him, hooking his arm around Katie’s waist. They moved over to one of the beanbags and sat down together.

“You hear about the woman that they got last night?” George asked.

“Buzz kill man!” Bobby yelled down.

“Yeah, I saw it on the news this morning”, James said.

“We should like, form a team and investigate it”, Bobby said as he climbed across the rafters and slid down a pipe on the wall.

“What, and get fucking killed?” George asked.

“Nah man! We could kick their ass!”

“Hey, James are you ok? You are very quiet today”, Katie asked.

“I’m fine, I had another more of those nightmares last night” he said.

“Another? Tell us about it!” Megan said.

James sighed and recounted the tale for them.




As James cycled home, thunder echoed overhead. Lightning flashed and rain poured, soaking him through. As he peered through the mist, attempting to see where he was going, he noticed a man standing on the pavement.

James picked up speed, attempting to pass the man as fast as possible. He began running parallel to the bike. He was keeping pace exactly. James sped up. He sped up as well, keeping exactly level with James. What the fuck, this isn’t possible, how can he run at this speed?

The man hurtled from the mist and threw himself at James. They rolled across the wet ground, each vying for the better position. James’ bike skidded to a halt on its side.

The man hit James a crushing blow to the side of his head. James saw stars. He swung back, but it barely affected the man. James was struggling to keep the man’s blows off, doing all he could to parry them. The man pulled a knife from his cloak and raised it high. James yelled in fear. Summoning strength from somewhere, James threw the man off. The knife fell beside him and he grabbed it and plunged it into the man.

As he backed away, a car pulled up next to him. The door of the passenger seat opened and James saw Steve in the driver seat.

“Get in James, Now!” he said. James didn’t think twice, he got straight into the car. As it began to pull away, the man sat up and James could have sworn he saw fangs in the demonic smile he gave him.

The End

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