Blood- Chapter 4Mature

Gramtag shifted the heavy rock back into place, turned and began flitting through the countryside. Vampires could move at a higher speed than humans most of the time. His black clothing allowed him to blend into the darkness.

As he ran, he got a sudden urge, he needed to feed. Gramtag drew his hunting knife from beneath his cloak. Its hilt and blade were black; it was a weapon bequeathed to each Black Fang. They all possessed one.

He passed a small shack on the outskirts of the town. It was the home of an elderly man, one who had distanced himself somewhat from the rest of the town, preferring rural scenery to urban. Gramtag peered in through the window. A flickering fire burned in the grate, flames licking the sides of the chimney. It cast an orange glow throughout the room.

An elderly man, his skin wrinkled with age, his head balding came into view. He sat in a rocking chair in front of the fire, a bowl of soup on his lap and stretched back, relaxed.

Gramtag withdrew from the window. He preferred them younger than that. Sighing, he set off again. Flitting through the dark of the night, he soon reached the town itself. Once there, he began to scour its streets for some prey.

He soon found a young woman, dressed formally and carrying a briefcase in her hand. She looked to be in her mid twenties. As she locked the door of her car, Gramtag moved up beside her.

“Hello lovely. Not a nice night to be out here all alone is it?”

The woman jumped at his sudden appearance, startled. She took a step back, glancing up and down at the black clad stranger in front of her. Gramtag held the hand holding the knife behind his back. He gripped it tightly.

“I’m sorry, I have to be going”, the woman said as she regained her composure. She began to walk away from Gramtag. A dark look clouded his face.

“No one walks away from me, Bitch!” he snarled. He leapt at her and wrestled her to the ground, then silenced her with a hand around her neck, crushing her windpipe. The woman’s eyes widened in fear.

“I was going to take it easy on you, make it quick and painless. But now, my first victim shall be a very, very violent one!” He plunged his knife into her stomach and twisted. Blood began to pour from the open wound. Gramtag leaned down and licked along the wound. It healed over.

“See what I mean? I can stab you, then heal you, then stab you again. This is going to be fun!”

He plunged the knife into her stomach again, then once more, licked it and healed it. The woman writhed in pain, unable to scream. He picked her up by the throat and carried her off into a nearby patch of trees. She squirmed in his grasp.

Once they were hidden by the trees, he began fiercely pummelling her with his fist. Holding the dagger high, he drove it into the joint of her neck and collarbone. He pressed his lips to the open wound and drank until she was three quarters drained. Then he sealed the wound. He struck her on the cheek with the hilt of his knife, cracking the bone there. He squeezed her neck tighter, completely crushing her throat so she could no longer speak. Then he released her. She fell to the muddy floor, grasping her neck, tears welling up in her wide eyes.

Gramtag smiled and slashed across her throat. He grabbed her now limp form and finished his feast.




Dreyo stalked the underground corridors of the vampire order. He came to the end of one corridor which opened onto a larger open area. It was a cavern, not a gigantic one, but a cavern nevertheless. At the opposite end, a team of diggers was working on a new tunnel, one which would open out at several strategic locations directly below the human town.

“Progress report!” he yelled.

Several vampires clutching clipboards rushed over, all eager to get the first word. Dreyo felt his anger rising.

“ONE AT A TIME!” he bellowed. The vampires took a step back, frightened. The supervisor of the dig stepped forward.

“We are almost ready to begin branching the tunnel, sir. The main tunnel will lead straight to the town hall as requested, the branches to various locations around the town”.

“Very good. But still, you are not moving fast enough. This dig must e completed within the next fortnight, or you, personally will suffer the consequences. Also, a new branch, to these co-ordinates must be dug”. He handed the supervisor a piece of paper. On it were the co-ordinates of a location on the boy’s street. They would have direct access.

The supervisor nodded and hurried off, yelling instructions to the diggers. The rest of the clipboard holders began talking at once again, vying for Dreyo’s attention. He silenced them with a glance, then turned and walked away. He had only been interested in the supervisor’s opinion.

Dreyo wondered how Gramtag was getting on. It was the young Black Fang’s first proper assignment, and his first time out in the human world; he had not been alive at the time of the original war. Dreyo saw a lot of potential in him, he expected big things would come for the assassin.




Gramtag stood in the town park. The sun was beginning to rise in the east, peeking over the treetops. There were very few people about. The shadows surrounded Gramtag, his own dark clothing blending with them, making him invisible to the naked eye.

He was perusing the town’s inhabitants, sizing them up. They would need an incredibly strong leader if they were to be the army to fight against the vampire’s return. He set out to look for the boy, thinking as he did about how much fun it was going to be, terrorising this town. He liked the violence, he liked the blood. This town didn’t know what had hit them.

The End

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