Blood- Chapter 3Mature


The slender man slid from the shadows on the rugged country road. His pale skin shone in the moonlight. Having fled the town when his quarry had escaped, he was returning to base. His black eyes picked out the entrance, a large, heavy rock covering the entrance to a cave; heavy for a human that is.

He shifted the rock with ease, entered the dark tunnel behind it, and then pulled it back into place. The tunnel was lit by torches every twenty feet, their flames burning brightly, and it ran straight for nearly a mile. It was at a downward incline, burrowing deep into the ground.

The man entered the main hall and glanced around at the numerous corridors and doors leading off it. He strode across the hall and took another corridor. He was at home in these passages, underneath the ground. But not for long. Soon plans would be put into action and the vampires would rise once again to take over humanity and reclaim their places as masters of this world.

The short, plump vampire at the desk saw him coming and leapt up to receive him.

“Good to see you back, Dreyo. The boss is waiting inside, a full council has been prepared”. This didn’t intimidate Dreyo. He was one of the best there was, he himself held a position of power on the council; that of Battle Lord, Chief Assassin and Prince of the order. He was not the king’s son, he was elected Prince. He was in charge of war tactics, leading the forces in battle, and also in charge of the Black Fangs, an elite force of vampires trained specifically as murder machines; Assassins, even more so than regular vampires. Each one had one of their fangs permanently stained black, a symbol of who they were.

Dreyo entered the council chambers, acknowledged the seven other council members with a nod, then strode to his seat, to the left of Norim, The King of The Vampires.

Norim addressed the room once Dreyo had seated himself.

“This meeting of The Vampire Council is now in session. We are here tonight to make the final preparations for our return to the world. Dreyo, what have you to report?”

“The human’s are in a state of disarray. I have taken a number of victims, and created a panic. They believe they are falling prey to a serial killer, they have no idea of the truth”.

“In a sense they are”, piped up Ponwase, The Chief of the justice and gaoling system, “just not the kind they think it is”. Ponwase was the eldest vampire on the council, having served for over two millennia. Norim had only served for seven centuries.

“And what of the boy?” Norim asked.

“He is entirely ignorant of his ancestry; he believes he is just an average teenager. But I overheard a conversation he had with his friend in a cafe. He is beginning to have dreams about us. He is nearing the time where he will realise his destiny and will begin to fight us. He has good hand to hand combat; I witnessed him fighting another human in his school. But I do not believe he will be a threat, unless one of the Silver Falcons remains to coach him and fight alongside him. I have not been able to unearth any information on that topic as of yet”.

“We destroyed all of the Silver Falcons in the last war, most of them anyway. Evidently some survived or this boy would not exist. But I believe aside from the boy’s family, none other remain alive”.

“What of their descendants?” Gretiuga asked. Gretiuga was one of two female vampires on the council. She was head of the combat training and liaisons within the vampire order. Essentially, she was responsible for the novices in the order, all others who were partaking in training and of the communications between vampires of the order.

The other female was Adeitan. Having been newly inducted to the order, her duties were not fully laid out. However, one of her responsibilities was to be the control of the human slaves they took upon their arrival in the world.

“That could be a problem”, Norim admitted. “If there are descendents, and if they are allowed to contact the boy, we shall have to work harder to achieve our goals. But if there are descendents, they should reveal themselves soon, and then we must be ready to strike. Dreyo, once this meeting is adjourned, send Gramtag to watch over the human, and to kill him if the chance presents itself. Should worst come to worst, and the boy does meet a Silver Falcon, he must not be allowed to recover the weapons his ancestors once held. That would only serve to exacerbate our problems, and put our whole operation in jeopardy”.

“I will see it done, sir”, Dreyo replied. The council then began discussing the means, and time of their arrival to the world of men.




Dreyo approached Gramtag as he was working on the training field. The young vampire had only recently joined the ranks of the order and ha immediately signed up to be a Black Fang. He was rising swiftly through the ranks, tackling any task set in front of him with one-hundred percent effort.

“Gramtag, I have a job for you”. The young vampire came over to Dreyo.

“Yes sir?”

“You know the boy I have been scouting the past few days?”

“Yes sir”.

“And you know the history of the last Great War, and who this boy is?”

“Yes sir”.

“Good. You are to watch over the boy, and should the opportunity present itself; ONLY if it presents itself, you are to kill him. Do not go sneaking through windows, do not approach him if he is in company. Understand?”

“Yes sir”, Gramtag was excited.

“And there is a possibility, a slim possibility that one of the Silver Falcons, or more accurately, one of their descendents is alive and will try and reach the boy. You are to do what you can to prevent this from happening. Understood?”

“Yes sir”.

“Good. Now go!”

Gramtag saluted, then ran swiftly off into the winding corridors of the underground complex. Dreyo allowed himself a smile. The time was drawing ever closer. Soon, they would be powerful enough to return. Soon, nothing would stand in their way.

The End

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