Blood- Chapter 1Mature


James watched the report on the television. The headline was flashing at the bottom of the screen:

Two Teens Found Brutally Murdered on Quiet Suburban Street

The reporter had said the teens were found in a crumpled heap on the pavement of the street. Their throats had been ripped out and all the blood drained from their bodies. However, the odd thing was, there was not enough blood spilt on the pavement to account for all of the blood in both teens. More than three quarters of the blood was missing. Police and paramedics alike were baffled. They requested anyone with information to come forward and aid in the catching of the monster that committed this foul deed.

James switched off the television. He made his way outside and stopped on the kerb to await the school bus. It soon pulled up and he hopped on. He took his usual seat, second from back row, next to his best friend Bobby. Bobby was taller than James, around six foot three. He had average length black hair.

“You hear about the couple that got slashed last night?” Bobby asked straight away.

“Yeah, just saw it on the news”, James replied.

“You know what I think?” Matty, a guy in their class asked.

“What Matty?” said Bobby, rolling his eyes. Matty was considered a bit of a freak by most people.

“I reckon it was Vampires”.

The two back rows of the bus burst into laughter.

“They don’t exist Matty, only in books and movies”, Bobby chuckled.

“Yes they do!” he insisted.

Bobby rolled his eyes again and they ignored Matty for the rest of the journey.




James and Bobby stood by the wall after school with their other friend George. Bobby pointed to the left. The class tough guy, Ian was approaching with his cronies Jake and Ethan.

Ian walked straight up to them and shoved James.

“I hear you wanna fight me?”

“I never said that” James replied. Ian shoved him again.

“Well I wanna fight you. Rumour has it you are after my girlfriend”.

“Who the fuck said that? I have my own girlfriend!”

“I don’t care”. He swung at James, a viscous right hand which James blocked with his left. He quickly hit Ian a stomach shot, and followed up with a right to the jaw. Ian stumbled back, then with a roar, ran at James. He caught him with a blow to the head and lights pooped up in James vision. He shook it off then hit Ian a quick uppercut to the jaw, followed by a right hook, then a left.

Ian fell back, anger radiating from him.

“You haven’t heard the end of this” he said, then stalked off, his cronies following.

“Nice one James. You showed him!”

“I’d rather not have had to fight him in the first place”.

They watched as Ian and his cronies disappeared around the corner, then turned and began walking the opposite way.

“James”, George said, “There is a man across the street watching you”.

James looked across and saw a man with pale skin and dark, black hair staring at them, particularly at him. He had never seen the man before in his life.

“He’s probably just one of those weirdoes, you know”.

They nodded in agreement, but all three quickened their pace nevertheless.




James was running. He heard the padding footsteps of his pursuer close behind him. Trees dashed by as he picked up pace, trying to put distance between him and the predator. The moon appeared from behind a cloud, illuminating James’ path.

He looked back and saw it; its face shrouded in shadow. Its pace quickened as well. It seemed to vanish and then re-appear closer to him. It was gaining.

James looked forward, just in time to dodge one of the massive forest trees. He spun to the side and kept on. Another of the creatures appeared in his peripheral vision, and another on the other side. The only way he could go now was forward.

“You will never escape. You are the only one left. You must die like the rest!” the thing’s voice was chilling. It had a hissing quality to it, yet it was as clear to James as if there was no hiss at all. It was full of darkness and hatred.

James didn’t know what to do. He sprinted and sprinted, his lungs begging him to stop, his mind begging him to go faster.

He looked back again and saw the three creatures converge. They ran in a group straight for him, mouths open, fangs bared. There were no pupils in their eyes, the whole eye was black.

James looked forward again and found himself at a cliff. He couldn’t stop. He ran straight over and plunged into the watery depths below.




James was walking down the dark pathway. The streetlights had gone out. Behind him, the man from the school walked, not ten yards back. His face was hidden in shadows.

James quickened his pace. He heard the man do the same.

James broke into a jog. Like a mirror, the man did the same.

James sprinted. The man sprinted.

His face loomed from the shadows. His eyes had no pupils, they were all black. His dark black hair billowed out behind as the man ran, seeming to vanish then re-appear.

James tripped on a stray rock and fell, his face colliding with the pavement, a broken bottle grazing his neck. He felt the trickle of blood.

The man hauled him to his feet.

“Now, now... You didn’t really think you could escape did you? Didn’t really think you could win? You will never escape, you will never win. You will die like the rest!”

“Who the fuck are you?” James screamed.

“No one can hear you scream. This just won’t do. How am I supposed to feed on a cut this small?”

With a smile, the man sank his teeth into James’ neck and ripped away the flesh.




James sat bolt upright, his hand grasping his neck, his body covered in a sheen of sweat. James sighed with relief. Just a dream. He went into the bathroom and stared at his reflection. A tall, skinny yet muscular boy stared back. His wavy blonde hair was matted to his head. He was deathly pale. Running the tap, James bent and splashed water on his face.

He rose and looked in the mirror again. He didn’t register the extra reflection until it was too late. A woman with eyes that were completely black grabbed him from behind and sank her teeth into his flesh.




“James.... James are you okay?”

James’ little sister, Jenny shook him awake. You were thrashing in your sleep. James sat up and looked at her.

“I-I’m fine Jen, just had a nightmare is all”.

“You are awfully pale, it must have been bad”.

“It was terrible”.

“Well it’s over now”. She turned to leave. “Wait until everyone hears this. Seventeen year old James has a bad dream and his thirteen year old sister had to come in and save him” she teased as she disappeared out the door.

James just sat there, staring at nothing. After a few minutes he swung himself out of bed and began getting ready for the day.

The End

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