Blood- Book 1 of The Vampire SagaMature

The first book in my new series: The Vampire Saga. James discovers that he is a descendant of legendary vampire hunters. It is up to him and his friends to defeat the vampires who have returned to the world



BLOOD... he craved blood... he couldn’t wait any longer... he needed bloodshed... and he wouldn’t rest until he got it...

Crouched high in the branches of a tree, he sniffed the cool night air... he could smell them... their flesh... he craved it... he needed it. His vision blurred... he had to feed... he was losing energy... he needed blood.




The young couple rounded the corner and proceeded hand in hand down the moonlit street. Their heads close together, whispering, they were oblivious to the rest of the world. They paid no heed to anything around them. They did not notice the pair of eyes observing them from the trees.



He watched them pass beneath. The smell of their flesh was overwhelming. He pounced, gliding swiftly and silently down from the trees. Landing in a crouch then immediately sprung forward and slashed out at the boy with his nails. His throat was cut instantly, only a gurgling sound escaped. The look of shock on the girls face had no time to morph into a scream. He was at her neck, one hand clasped over her mouth, the other pulling her hair away from her slender neck.

He smiled; how long it had been. He plunged his fangs into her neck and tore away the flesh, ripping into her jugular vein. Warm blood gushed into his waiting mouth and he drank deeply. She made no sound, only writhed in his iron tight grasp. There was no escape.

When all of the blood had been drained from her body, he let her body slump to the ground. There she lay in a crumpled heap.

He pulled up the boy, blood still gushing from the wound on his neck. Pressing his mouth to the wound, the man continued his feeding. He drank until the boy was fully drained, then let him crumple beside his girlfriend.

With a smile of satisfaction, the man thought back. How long it had been since he last fed. Decades of hiding underground with the rest of his kind, a secret buried when they lost the war. Humanity had forgotten them, but it was time for their return. It was time for humanity to remember the creatures that were once the very bane of their existence.

Only one descendent of the hunters who had beaten them before remained. A seventeen year old boy. He had to be terminated. He was the only one who could lead the humans successfully against them. And he did not even know it. He would die, along with the rest.

The vampires were here once again.

The End

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