Chapter 2 [Thomas]

Thomas Davidson stopped on the corner and pulled his collar tighter to his neck, trying in vain to shield his long awaited package from the bullet like rain that was currently hammering down. He quietly surveyed the hustle and bustle of Truro's rush hour traffic through the tiny space left in his waterproofs hood. Early 20's and already having grey in his black roughly styled hair didn't help his confidence. But he liked to think he had quite a few friends from the university he attended. He was studying to become a lawyer and he still wasn't used to the late nights and early mornings full of reading the headache inducing texts he had to learn from. His phone buzzed he glanced at the caller ID it read "Karley is calling..." he sighed and pressed the ignore button, replacing the phone as he walked. He would see her soon anyway. The thought of her made him smile, admittedly he had a soft spot for her but it was more of a brother - sister connection than what he had hoped it would be when he had met her a few months ago. His phone vibrated again and he reluctantly answered it "Yeah?"
"Where are you?" Karley's voice almost accused him of trying to hide
"I'm on my way" he ran a gloved
 hand down his face and glanced at the light patches in the foggy Truro 
"Well hurry up Jess
 just phoned and she wants to talk to you before she goes to apply for Cambridge". Jess had taken to asking for his help on a more regular basis lately, sometimes he wished he had never agreed to 
help her.
"Tell her patience is a virtue and I won't be long" he hung up, glad of a way out of the conversation.

Something caught his eye on the corner of the next street as he turned the corner; he was about 6"3, thin build with a shock of bleached b
londe hair. Probably a criminal thought Tom as he pulled his gaze down to the street surface and 
walked into the cafe where he was due to meet Karley and presumably Jess as well.

He spotted Karley straight away, her long hair tied back and her insi
stence on wearing bright colours made her stand out quite dramatically from the other people crammed in to the busy cafe, he caught her attention and she rushed to save him from being swept out by a group of tourists. He politely wrestled a seat from the firm grasp of an elderly gentleman at the next table and sank in to it gratefully. Karley pushed a mug of hot chocolate towards him 
and picked up her phone "I'm just going outside to call Jess and see where she is, okay?"
"Yeah that's fine just don't take m
y drink" Tom laughed and relaxed further
in his seat. After a few minutes Karley came back "She said she is almost here" as if on cue Jess came bursting through the door and slipped easily through the crowds to the table.
 Tom, hey Karley" she smiled and brushed her hair out of her face "It's a bit cold out don't you think?" Jess laughed and sat down, throwing her bag over her head narrowly missing Karley. Jess smiled apologetically and pulled some papers out of her bag "I need some help with these forms for Cambridge Tom". Placing his package on the table Tom picked the forms up and looked at them silently for a few minutes "They look straight forward enough Jess just write your grades in the boxes here" he pointed them out and smiled at her concentration whilst he explained how to fill them out properly then handed her a pen and ordered another coffee with milk for Karley and a black coffee for himself. After a few minutes of concentration Jess smiled, inspected her writing and handed back the pen. "Okay thanks Tom, I've got to dash if I want to get these in before everyone else" she quickly kissed him on the cheek, waved at Karley and ran out. Karley laughed and waved after Jess’ retreating back “Typical Jess, always on the move” she remarked “Do you think she will get the place? Thomas had no doubt she would as they got up and left the warm café. Both of them shivered as they stepped outside “It’s starting to snow” Karley observed as a small snowflake touched her cheek and slid down her face making a transparent line that stood out from her child-like flushed cheeks.

The End

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