Blood Bath

Chapter 1 [Isaac]

"So sink your teeth in. Bite the blood that drains the life from inside of me and fill your soul with love and hate and all those things you need to breathe because I would give it all to you in a second if you asked...just not yet..."

Those disastrous words uttered so many times in forgiven plagued states float to my tongue so naturally once again as I seek repentance from my master. For it is said that even the strongest vampires of our modern times with its medicine and contraptions, need to repent and it is true.

Might I introduce myself? Isaac Claude James Fitzroy, I'm  16 though I've been told I look a lot younger, but please I beg of you, do not underestimate me for it will be to your cost that you learn to never turn your back on a vampire, your rather should I say....bloody cost. Yes I said vampire, are you scared yet? You should be for it is unwise to be fearless of our type.

While my master is not present I shall describe him. My master has blue eyes that sparkle like newly discovered diamonds that have just seen the first light of day, his hair is like that of a wild horse unruly and refusing to be tamed, his name is not
but I chose to call him such out of respect for this man is my saviour and it is to him I owe my existence or at least what I remember of it, his body slightly rounded at times from his blood consumption is usually thin and lithe but his most outstanding feature are his fangs that pierce the willing and attack the veins of the reluctant but though all of these attributes are magnificent they are not at equal with his personality, a personality as dark as my own. But enough of describing him, I must divulge a worry that has harboured my mind for I fear if I do not tell someone then my tongue shall slip in his presence and I would be forced to repent, a chore which until now I have respected but no longer have the patience for. I have come to regard my master with some distrust in the past few weeks for I am getting older and braver now and I wish to know more information of a family I once had and of the night that my Master found me. The air has suddenly frozen; I feel the shiver of his presence before I feel his icy cold touch. How could I ever confuse his icy glares with loving glances? His voice cuts through my dream "Were you talking about me Isaac?"
"No Sir" I bowed my head, no matter how much I doubt him I have to respect him. I turn away silently, his accusing glare making my carefully planned escape feel like a game of hide and seek, perhaps it will be one day, me hiding whilst my true master pursues me. I give this thought no more time and bidding my master farewell I exit through the back door in search of worthier praise.

The End

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