Blood Babies .Mature

                                                 CHAPTER ONE 

My  body laid across the damp , cold floor . I could feel the blood pouring out of my body .  My vision was blured but I could see shadow's moving back and forth . I was scared . So scared .  My whole body was completely numb ,  and then in that very moment I saw a shadow move towards  . I saw the shadow raise a large sharp object then he injected it into my body . I yelped in pain . 

" Stop ! please stop ! " I screamed .  Everything was silent for that very second then in the next I heard screaming and crying . Then everything was gone .  No noise . No screaming .  No pain .  No nothing . 


                                                       CHAPTER TWO 

I woke up and all I saw was white . Everything was white . I began looking around the white room until a small silver tub had caught my eye . I stood up and slowly walked up to it . I stared into the tub of what I thought was water , but that was not water , it was .. blood . I began dashing for the door and I began banging and knocking on it . I was screaming at the top of my lungs .  I peered out the little window that was nailed into the door . Until a face had filled the window . The door opened and a woman had walked into the room . I began to back away . 

" I won't hurt you , just tell me your name child , " The woman said staring me in the eyes . 

" Natasha Valentine  , " I said studdering . "Who are you ? " I continued . 

" Sophia Le Mort , " She said staring me harder in the eye .

" Why am I here ? " I asked . 

" Your here because we found you ,  now Natasha , listen to me , your only fifty percent Human , then you will become a Blood Baby , " Sophia said . 

" A Blood Baby ? What ? 

" A Blood Baby is a Vampire Baby that will do anything for blood . They even feed off themselves sometimes , but I don't suggest  you do that , because then you become infected and messes up the blood stream and the whole system then your body denies the blood then you die , " Sophia said patting me in the shoulder . 

" What ? This is .. crazy !" I said raising my voice a tad . 

" Look , I will be back for you , I promise , "  Sophia said walking out the door smiling .  My breath became uneven  , and my heart pounded .  As I sat on the floor my body began changing . I could feel my back ripping open . I screamed in complete terror .  Giant wings had ripped out from my back and my skin had turned pure black except for the red strips that were on my stomach . My clothes where gone and I was naked . I began to get very hungry and the only thing in the room was the tub of blood . I was no longer in control of myself . My nails had grew an extra three inchs ,  and I began  crawling on the floor very quickly for the tub of blood . I finally reached the tub of my blood and I began  drinking the blood .  It tasted like nothing I had ever drank . It was better , a thousand times better .  I was crazy , insane if you ask me .  I was not Natasha anymore . I was something else . Something evil . Something I can't even explain , yet it was happening to me. 

The End

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