Blood and Sugar, My fave. Part 1.

Alexis:  'Have you ever gotten the urge, to just...bite someone?'

Sebastian: 'No, do you want to bite me?'

Alexis; 'Kind of.'

Sebastian: "Well here's my arm...if your interested. Wait, are you serious?'

Alexis: 'I'm totally serious..that's my issue.'

Sebastian: 'Are you some sort of vamp, or something?'

Alexis: 'No, just thirsty I guess..'

Sebastian: 'Your freaking weird.'

Alexis: 'I know, but isn't that why you love me?'

Sebastian: 'I guess so..."

Alexis: 'I'm sorry, I'm doing it agian..."

Sebastian: ' Yeah, you are. Your scaring me Lex. All day, all you do is sit in your dark little room, reading your sci-fi romance books, and dreaming of things that will never come true...your worrying me.'

Alexis: 'Don't say that. You don't know what can be real and what can't be...'

Sebastian: 'Yeah, I do know the truth. If there were such things as ghosts and vampires, and your stupid devil fairies, than we would all know."

Alexis: 'I believe in such things. If they didn't exist, then where did all of the myths come from? They had to originate from some where.'

Sebastian: ' Lex, please stop this! I love you, and I want to be with you, but come on now, this is getting so out of hand...'

Alexis: 'What are you saying?'

Sebastian: 'I'm saying that this isn't working, I'm sorry..."

Alexis: 'I don't understand...'

Sebastian: 'This isn't healthy for me Lex, You aren't right for me.'

Alexis: 'I think that I should go..?'

Sebastian: 'That would probably the right thing to do.'

*Sebastian leans in for the last kiss that Alexis would know...*

Alexis: 'Don't make this worse for me, my life is over now.'

*She grabs her bag, and leaves, hoping never to see him again. Her life, and love as she knew it..was over. For good.*



The End

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